Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 6

Last week, The Governor was spotted watching the prison. This week, we find out what happened to him after he went crazy and shot most of his men. He gets abandoned by the few men he had left and he wanders around. He returns to Woodbury and burns it all down. He wanders around and meets a family who are living in an apartment. They are Lilly(Audrey Marie Anderson),Tara, Meghan and their dad who is sick with cancer. He calls himself Brian and he tells them that he will just stay the night. They need oxygen tanks for their dad so Brian goes and gets them for  them. They are very grateful to him. The dad eventually dies and Brian has to shoot him as he will turn into a walker. He buries him.

He decides to go on the road but they don't want him to leave. Brian looks at Meghan who is around the same age as his daughter who died and he decides to stay. They go on the road together and Brian and Lilly have sex. The next day, they run into a huge group of walkers, so they have to run. Brian takes Meghan and they flee with the others. They fall into a huge pit which contains walkers. Brian kills them with his bare hands and tells Meghan he will protect her. He looks up and sees one of his old men, Martinez looking down at him with a gun. This was an interesting episode and it is good to see The Governor in a different light.


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