Monday, January 20, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 4

This episode begins with Marie Laveau casting a spell on some dead bodies after a black guy is killed in the 1960's. She uses voodoo to send the dead after those responsible. Cut to the 70's and Marie meets the then leader of the witches, Anna-Leigh and they call a truce on their war. When Anna-Leigh disappears, Fiona is made the next supreme. Myrtle Snow is the only one who suspects her of murdering Anna-Leigh to get the position. She can't prove it so she goes after Spalding who cuts out his own tongue to stop him from telling her anything. He will not betray Fiona.

Cut to modern day, and Spalding sees Fiona murdering Madison. As usual, he covers up the crime for her. Queenie is half dead after her battle with the minotaur. Cordelia's husband Hank is cheating on her with another woman, but then he shoots the woman dead revealing a dark side to him. Marie Laveau gets the minotaurs head in a box from Fiona and this makes her angry. The truce is broken and Marie declares war on the witches. The witches council comes to the house to discuss Madison and her disappearance. The head of the council is Myrtle Snow(Frances Conroy) who knows that Fiona killed her but has no proof yet again! They have to leave. Fiona and her daughter are at a bar and when Cordelia goes to the bathroom, a hooded figure throws acid in her face. Spalding has Madison's body in his room and he dresses in women's clothes and dances around. At the house, the witches look outside and see loads of dead bodies surrounding the house....

A good episode. There is always plenty happening in this show and the plot twists are interesting...


msmariah said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I've really enjoyed reading it. Following you now.

I've been watching AHS all year and I've been pleasantly surprised. Last season had some problems. A little bummed that Jessica Lange will only be on one more season.

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