Tuesday, January 28, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 5

This episode begins with Madame LaLaurie and her daughters. She threw them into her torture chamber along with the others and tells them that she might let them out in a year if they are lucky. Cut to modern day and the house is surrounded by zombies sent by Marie Laveau. LaLaurie sees that her daughters are among them. The neighbour, Luke, is attacked by one of them and he gets an axe in the back. The witches battle the zombies and it looks like they are losing when Zoe uses her powers to stop them in their tracks. Marie is amazed that they could stop her zombie attack.

Fiona is with Cordelia as she is taken to the hospital. She finds out that her daughter was attacked with acid and that she has gone blind from it. Hank comes to see her and Fiona tells him that he has a few minutes with her and then he has to get out. He tells Cordelia that he will never leave her etc. He is holding her hand when she wakes she has a vision of him having sex with another woman. The witches council comes to the house and they want Fiona to give up as supreme but she has no intention of doing this. Instead, she turns the tables on them and accuses Myrtle Snow of attacking her daughter.
She has some proof because Myrtle's hands are scarred from the acid. Myrtle is accused of the attack and burned at the stake. We find out later that Fiona set Myrtle up and that she was innocent of the attack. Fiona used Queenie to set her up and she flatters her to keep her quiet about it. Misty Day finds the charred corpse of Myrtle and she decides to bring her back to life...

A good episode, with plenty of action!


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