Monday, January 6, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 7

Last episode, The Governor was caught in a pit with Meghan and he saw one of his men, Martinez with a gun.  This week starts with Martinez getting Meghan and The Governor out of the pit. They join the camp. Martinez is surprised at the apparent change in The Governor. He goes out with the men looking for supplies. They find a corpse with the word liar printed on it. Then they find a cabin and there is another corpse there. The Governor kills a walker. Martinez talks to him about how he has changed. The Governor hits him and throws him into the walker pit. The other guys think that he fell. There is a new leader of the camp.

The Governor and others are out looking for supplies when they see another camp. They need their supplies but the leader says no. They move on, but later come back to the camp and find everyone dead and the supplies gone. That night, The Governor tells his new family that they need to get out of the camp because the leader is weak. They try to go, but their path is blocked by loads of walkers and they have to return. The Governor kills the new leader and tells the second in command Mitch that he has killed the top guy and he is taking over. Mitch agrees to join him and he takes over as the leader. He goes to the prison and looks at Michonne who makes him angry and he sees Hershel too. Another good episode which is setting things up nicely..


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