Friday, January 10, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 8

 This episode is the mid-season finale, so we will have to wait for another while to see more. Last time, The Governor had taken over as leader of the camp and he was looking at the prison. This episode begins with  The Governor telling people that Rick and his group have a prison and that they are criminals and bad people. The camp agrees to go to the prison and get it for themselves. Hershel and Michonne are in his trailer and he talks to them about what will happen. Hershel tries to get him to see reason and tells him they they could co-exist in the prison, but The Governor says that he could never live with Rick or Michonne. Daryl is not too happy about what happened with Carol and tells Rick that. They decide that they have to tell Tyreese about it.

The Governor shows up with a tank and his people, armed. He calls out Rick and tells him to get out of the prison and nobody will get hurt. Rick refuses and Hershel and Michonne are brought out. Rick is surprised. Rick tries to reason with him, but he won't budge. He wants them out or else he will kill the two hostages. Rick stands firm and tells him that he is not going to leave. The Governor becomes angry and he threatens to kill Hershel. Rick tries to reason again, but it is no good. The Governor kills Hershel. All hell breaks loose. Lilly arrives, carrying the body of Meghan who has been killed by a walker. He shoots her in the head so she won't turn into a walker. The Governor seems to lose what was left of his senses and he attacks the prison with his forces. A gun battle ensues and people get shot. The Governor gets Rick and he tries to choke him. He almost succeeds, but Michonne kills him. Rick and Carl get away and some of the others.

It was a good episode, but I am disappointed that The Governor is dead. I guess the baddie always has to die, but I liked the character. Some of the others are a little bland for me. Hershel has gone now too so the group is shrinking by the minute. It will be February before we find out what will happen now..


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