Monday, February 24, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 9

Episode 9 begins with us finding out that Hank is the son of a witch hunter and he learned to kill witches at a young age. Cut to present day and Fiona takes the head of Delphine to see Marie Laveau and they chat about coming to a truce. They talk about the witch hunters and Fiona tells her that they will not stop after they have destroyed the coven. She thinks that they will come for Laveau next. Marie seems very casual about it all. Hank goes to see his dad who is the head of a company called the Delphi Trust and they talk about Hank's progress. He discovers that it was his dad who ordered the attack on Cordelia to let him know that he has to kill all the witches ,even his wife. Myrtle meets the witches council and they are sorry that they convicted her of the attack when she was innocent. Myrtle gives them something to paralyse them and then she takes out their eyes and gives them to Cordelia who can then see. The only problem is that she has lost her second sight.

Hank is working with Marie Laveau to get rid of the witches. She wants them all dead. Cordelia wants a divorce from him as she knows that he is dodgy. He has to leave. Kyle becomes their protector as he is good at attacking people. Nan goes to the hospital to see Luke who is still in a coma. She can hear him talking to her and he tells her that his mother murdered his father. Nan confronts his mother, but she throws her out. Queenie has Delphine's head and she makes her watch civil rights footage etc in an effort to get her to change her ways. Delphine seems to be affected by some of it. Queenie is still at Marie's salon when Hank barges in, armed and ready to kill everyone. He attacks and kills one of her staff. He wounds Queenie and Marie until Queenie uses her powers to kill him. Marie shows up at Fiona's and comes inside, suggesting a truce.

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 8

Last episode, Queenie led Delphine to Marie Laveau and she has turned to the voodoo instead of witchcraft. Zoe and Madison go to see her, but she is not coming back. Misty Day turns up at the school and she needs help. Cordelia agrees to let her stay and take shelter with them. Misty has Myrtle with her and she is almost healed. Cordelia is amazed at Misty's powers and she wonders if Misty might be the next Supreme. They discuss Fiona and the fact that she won't want to give up her role as the Supreme and they also decide that she will need a push to die. Madison tries to convince her to take some of her pills and put herself out of her misery. Myrtle comes in to see her and she tells her that she should kill herself now and not wait until she is dying in a bed with her lover, the axeman getting tired of her illness.

Spaulding comes to her and stops her from killing herself. He tells her that Madison is alive and that Myrtle has been brought back too. She is annoyed and wants revenge. Nan is over at her neighbours house. She has seen Luke in a vision and she realises that his mother is mistreating him. She wants to get him out of there. They are attacked by someone with a gun and Luke it hit trying to save Nan. His mother dies, but Fiona tells Misty day to resurrect her which she does. They realise that there is a witch hunter out there trying to kill them. Queenie talks to Delphine who is imprisoned by Marie Laveau.
She begs Queenie to let her out. Marie cuts off her hand. Later, a box is delivered to the school and inside is Delphine's head.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dark Vengeance Movie Trailer/Competition!

Here is a trailer for the new Steven Seagal movie out next week! Have a look and see what you think. There is also a competition for the best fan artwork. In exchange for posting their Steven Seagal fan artwork, there is a chance to win an Aikidogi, MMA fight gloves or a wooden bokken signed by Seagal. The link to that competition is here. If you are a Seagal fan, that should be a nice prize...
There is also a facebook page here and twitter here. Enjoy!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Fear In The Night Movie Review 314

Fear in the Night is a 1972 horror/thriller directed by Jimmy Sangster and starring Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Ralph Bates and Judy Geeson.

Peggy Hellet(Geeson) is a young woman who has just become married to Robert Heller(Bates). They are going to relocate from London to a boys boarding school where Robert works. Peggy is attacked at her flat the night before they are going. Someone breaks into her place and tries to strangle her. The person has a fake arm. She wakes up in her flat and when she tells her landlady, she doesn't believe her.
Peggy has had mental problems and Robert thinks that she has been imagining it all. She insists that she was attacked. They go down to the boys school and Robert shows her around. He tells her that the headmaster is Michael Carmichael(Cushing) and his wife is Molly(Collins). They settle in. They run into Molly who seems a little odd.

Robert has to leave for a work errand and Peggy is alone in the cottage. She decides to wander through the school when she hears voices of a class going on. She goes into one of the classrooms and discovers that there is no class, but it is a recording. The headmaster Carmichael is there and he talks to her. She is a little rattled, but he seems nice. Things take a sinister turn when Peggy thinks that Carmichael is after her and she grabs a shotgun and shoots at him. Robert arrives back at the cottage and a twisted plot unfurls. Robert and Molly are lovers. They are behind the attacks on Peggy and they were trying to drive her mad. They want to get rid of Molly's husband and they thought that if Peggy was spooked, she would shoot him. The school has been closed for years and Robert has been looking after Carmichael because he has mental problems since there was a fire in the school years ago and he got burned.Carmichael knows what they are up to and wants revenge. In the end, Peggy is taken prisoner by the two of them and she and Carmichel get rid of the two lovers. Robert ends up hanging from a tree in front of the school. Peggy leaves to start her life again... An entertaining movie which I enjoyed. It is worth a watch if you like Hammer horror! I will give it a 6/10.

Friday, February 7, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 7

This episode begins with Kyle realising that he is made up from the body parts of his friends. Madison is not happy with the way that she can't feel pain and Cordelia touches her and her second sight sees that Fiona murdered her. Queenie goes to see Marie Laveau and they talk. Laveau wants Delphine and she tells Queenie that if she hands her over, then she will be spared from any harm. Queenie leaves, thinking about it. She talks to Delphine who considers her a friend. She tells her a horrible story about a slave and her baby. She tells Queenie that she used the baby to make a beauty potion and that the slave killed herself after seeing what happened to her baby. Queenie is horrified by this story.

Fiona and the axeman are together. They have sex and he tells her that he has been watching her since she was a little girl. He tells her that his feelings have grown for her over the years. She doesn't know what to think about that. Cordelia talks to Zoe about her growing powers. She and Cordelia realise that they must get rid of Fiona. She is dangerous to Zoe. Kyle and Madison bond over their common experience and they have sex. Zoe is not impressed. Zoe has Spalding tied to his bed and she reattaches his tongue which Myrtle had kept. She forces him to admit that Fiona killed Madison and then she kills him. Madison proposes that she and Zoe share Kyle to which Zoe agrees. Queenie hands Delphine over to Marie and she uses Delphine's blood on her face.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Silent Warnings Movie Review 313

Silent Warnings is a 2003 horror movie directed by Christian McIntire and starring Stephen Baldwin, Billy Zane and A.J. Buckley.

Joe Vossimer(Baldwin) is a strange guy who lives alone in a house surrounded by corn fields. He has a gun and he is waiting for something or someone who is tormenting him. He videos his thoughts and it is obvious that he thinks that something or someone is out to get him. He hears something and chases after it and he is gone. Cut to Layne Vossimer, his nephew. He has just heard that Joe died and he has inherited his house. He wonders what happened to his uncle Joe. He and a his girlfriend, Macy (Callie De Fabry) and pals Stephen, Maurice, Iris and Katrina go to the house to clean it up so Layne can sell it.Layne is a friend of the local Sheriff Bill Willingham(Zane) and he talks to him about his uncle.

They are at the house overnight when they find a strange crop circle in the corn. They think that it is local kids just messing with them and they don't take it seriously. Layne finds videos of Joe talking about aliens in the corn and he wonders was his uncle losing his mind. He goes to the Sheriff but he can't believe that there are aliens around. There are more circles and people begin to disappear. The Sheriff comes out to the house and he gets attacked by something in the corn. It is clear that there are aliens and they are in the corn. They all run for the house and Layne figures out that electricity can kill them. The Sheriff blows up the house with the aliens in it and Layne, Macy and Katrina escape. They are driving along when they hear news on the radio that there are strange creatures attacking people. It is obvious that the aliens have not been destroyed. A fun movie with a good cast that is worth a watch if you enjoy cheap horror with a dash of aliens thrown in. I will give it a 5/10.
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