Friday, February 7, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 7

This episode begins with Kyle realising that he is made up from the body parts of his friends. Madison is not happy with the way that she can't feel pain and Cordelia touches her and her second sight sees that Fiona murdered her. Queenie goes to see Marie Laveau and they talk. Laveau wants Delphine and she tells Queenie that if she hands her over, then she will be spared from any harm. Queenie leaves, thinking about it. She talks to Delphine who considers her a friend. She tells her a horrible story about a slave and her baby. She tells Queenie that she used the baby to make a beauty potion and that the slave killed herself after seeing what happened to her baby. Queenie is horrified by this story.

Fiona and the axeman are together. They have sex and he tells her that he has been watching her since she was a little girl. He tells her that his feelings have grown for her over the years. She doesn't know what to think about that. Cordelia talks to Zoe about her growing powers. She and Cordelia realise that they must get rid of Fiona. She is dangerous to Zoe. Kyle and Madison bond over their common experience and they have sex. Zoe is not impressed. Zoe has Spalding tied to his bed and she reattaches his tongue which Myrtle had kept. She forces him to admit that Fiona killed Madison and then she kills him. Madison proposes that she and Zoe share Kyle to which Zoe agrees. Queenie hands Delphine over to Marie and she uses Delphine's blood on her face.


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