Monday, February 24, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 8

Last episode, Queenie led Delphine to Marie Laveau and she has turned to the voodoo instead of witchcraft. Zoe and Madison go to see her, but she is not coming back. Misty Day turns up at the school and she needs help. Cordelia agrees to let her stay and take shelter with them. Misty has Myrtle with her and she is almost healed. Cordelia is amazed at Misty's powers and she wonders if Misty might be the next Supreme. They discuss Fiona and the fact that she won't want to give up her role as the Supreme and they also decide that she will need a push to die. Madison tries to convince her to take some of her pills and put herself out of her misery. Myrtle comes in to see her and she tells her that she should kill herself now and not wait until she is dying in a bed with her lover, the axeman getting tired of her illness.

Spaulding comes to her and stops her from killing herself. He tells her that Madison is alive and that Myrtle has been brought back too. She is annoyed and wants revenge. Nan is over at her neighbours house. She has seen Luke in a vision and she realises that his mother is mistreating him. She wants to get him out of there. They are attacked by someone with a gun and Luke it hit trying to save Nan. His mother dies, but Fiona tells Misty day to resurrect her which she does. They realise that there is a witch hunter out there trying to kill them. Queenie talks to Delphine who is imprisoned by Marie Laveau.
She begs Queenie to let her out. Marie cuts off her hand. Later, a box is delivered to the school and inside is Delphine's head.


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