Tuesday, March 11, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 10

Episode 10 starts with Marie stealing a newborn baby and giving it to Papa Legba who is a devil type being. She made an agreement with him and she has to honour it. Misty Day is taken to meet Stevie Nicks by Fiona. Nicks gives Misty a shawl as a good luck charm and Misty is delighted with it. Marie tells Fiona that she made a pact with Papa Legba for immortality. She sold her soul and she has to give him something once a year. The problem is that the first sacrifice was her own newborn child and she has been giving him a newborn baby once a year ever since. Madison lures Misty to a grave and she gets her to take off her shawl so that she is vulnerable. She hits her and knocks her into a coffin and buries her.

Nan forces Luke's mother, Joan to kill herself by drinking bleach as punishment for killing her own son. She discovers the baby and Fiona and Marie kill her and offer her as a sacrifice to Papa Legba. Fiona wants to make a deal with him in for eternal youth in  exchange for her soul, but he tells her that she hasn't any soul so no deal. Marie and Fiona plot the downfall of the Delphi Trust and the company begins to lose money and go bankrupt. Hank's dad knows that it is witches and he needs to destroy them all now. I liked this episode as I am a big Stevie Nicks fan and I liked the music in it. It was good fun...


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