Monday, March 17, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 11

This episode begins with Nan's funeral. Queenie comes with Delphine and nobody is happy to see her.
Hank's dad wants to meet with the witches to call off his witch hunt. Zoe realises that Marie and Fiona murdered Nan in the bath . Delphine sees that the gardener has cut himself and she invites him in to tend to his injury, but she enjoys seeing the blood and she takes him and tortures him just like old times. She is visited by Spalding's ghost who tells her that he will help to get rid of Marie once and for all if she  gets something for him. She agrees.

Everyone thinks that they will be the new Supreme. Cordelia is distraught that she has lost her second sight and she pierces her eyes to make it come back, but it doesn't seem to. Spalding gives Delphine Benadryl to put in Marie's drink and she gives him an expensive doll in return. Myrtle advises Zoe to get out of the house as there are enemies around every corner. Fiona and Marie go to the Delphi Trust to meet with Hank's father who wants a truce, but there is no hope of that and the axeman kills everyone. Delphine puts the Benadryl in Marie's drink and tries to kill her, but she can't. Spalding finishes the job by knocking her down the stairs. He tells her that Marie cannot be killed but that Delphine should bury her in a way that she cannot escape and she does. Zoe and Kyle decide to leave the house and go to Orlando.


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