Monday, March 3, 2014

Thor:The Dark World Movie Review 315

Thor:The Dark World is a 2013 superhero movie and a sequel to Thor. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know all about Thor. It stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins and Christopher Eccleston.

It carries on from the first movie and we see that Thor's brother, Loki(Hiddleston) has been imprisoned on Asgard for his crimes in the first movie. Then, we have a history lesson and we learn that Bor, father of Odin(Hopkins) fought against a Dark Elf Malekith and that Malekith had a secret weapon called the Aether. Bor and his forces manages to defeat Malekith and his army in their homeland,Svartalfheim. Bor buried the Aether and thinks that that will be the last of it, but Malekith has escaped with some of his men and they are in suspended animation, waiting for the day when they can come back and get their revenge. Thor is going around making all of the nine realms safe, but there is something strange happening and Jane Foster(Portman) can see it. She and her pals go to an abandoned warehouse where there are portals to some other world. They are amazed by these, but Jane gets sucked into one of them and she is exposes to the Aether. She comes back, but she is not the same.

Thor discovers that something has happened to Jane and he comes to earth. She is taken to Asgard and she releases some sort of force. Malekith is awakened by this evil force and he begins to prepare to go to Asgard and cause some destruction. He creates a Kursed which is a huge mean warrior and he brings it with him. They steal into Asgard and search for Jane who has the Aether in her. They find her and they kill Thor's mother Frigga(Rene Russo) to get her. They kill loads of others and when Thor finds what they have done, he has to enlist the help of Loki to get out of Asgard and get Jane away. He wants to lure Malekith with the Aether and then they can have their revenge. They go to Svartalfheim and wait to Malekith to take the bait. He does so and the Aether is released from Jane.
Thor can't destroy it though and Loki gets killed while fighting the Kursed. Thor tells him that he will let Odin know of his sacrifice. Thor goes to London with Jane where Malekith is going to release the Aether and destroy the universe. They have to fight him and with the help of Jane's friends, they do so. Malekith is destroyed and Thor goes home. His father, Odin, wants him to take the throne, but he tells him that he can't and he tells him that Loki made a huge sacrifice for them all. He leaves and it is revealed that Odin is actually Loki!

There are a couple of post credit scenes. The first one has the Aether being given to a man called The Collector. It is to be hidden away and never used again. The Collector takes it and then says 'One down, five to go' so this suggests that he will be a baddie in the future. The next scene is in London where Thor comes to Earth to visit Jane and we see a monster which was released during the fighting, stomping around London...A good movie though not as good as the first one. There wasn't enough Loki in it, but I did enjoy Malekith and I thought that he was a good baddie. I can't say I like Portman at all. She just isn't my cup of tea and I don't think she brings much to the movie. Hemsworth and Hiddleston steal the show as Thor and Loki and Eccleston is good as Malekith. Lots of action and some comedic moments which make the movie worth watching. It was entertaining and fun so I will give it an 8/10.


Tony Briley said...

Thanks for the write up. I loved the first movie, but even with all the praise of this one I've always selected something else to watch. I'll definitely have to check it out now.

Amanda said...

You should watch it. It is pure escapism but great fun!

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