Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dracula 3D Movie Review 319

Dracula 3D is a 2012 Italian horror movie directed by Dario Argento and starring Asia Argento and Thomas Kretschmann.

This film is about Dracula so you know the basic story already. It has characters from the novel, but it is far from a faithful adaptation. In a village called Passo Borgo in Transylvania, a young girl, Tania(Miriam Giovanelli) is attacked by something horrible and killed.Jonathan Harker(Unax Ugalde) comes to the village to take up a job with Count Dracula. He is going to be his librarian. He visits the castle and is shown around by the enigmatic Count Dracula(Kretschmann).He has a wife called Mina(Marta Gastini) and she is on her way to be with him. She is staying with her friend Lucy(Argento) until she can visit Jonathan at the castle. Unfortunately for Jonathan, Dracula imprisons him and he is bitten by the vampire.

Mina is worried about Lucy when she sees two bite marks on the back of her leg. It turns out that Dracula had visited her and bitten her. Mina does not know that - she thinks that Lucy is just sick. Mina goes up to the castle and looks for Jonathan. Count Dracula meets her and tells her that he has gone on an errand for a few days and won't be back. He captivates her and she is under his spell. He lets her go back home and she finds out that Lucy has died. Van Helsing(Rutger Hauer) is brought in by the local priest to investigate and he finds out that Lucy was bitten and he has to kill her when she comes back as a vampire. Mina is horrified when she sees the truth.

Van Helsing knows that Dracula is a bloodsucker and he wants to kill him. He goes up to the castle to have a showdown. Mina is drawn to the castle too. Dracula gets her there and he hypnotises her and tells her that she is exactly like his dead wife. He wants her to be with him forever and she is under his spell. He wants to bite her and make her like him. Van Helsing shows up and there is a fight. He has a silver bullet that he made to kill Dracula. He tells Mina to shoot it at Dracula. She has to fight the spell on her and eventually she does and kills Dracula. She and Van Helsing watch as he turns to dust. They leave, but the ashes transform into a wolf shape so is Dracula really dead?

This film was okay. I am a big fan of Argento and his movies, but this one was not one of my favourites. It was just not great. Maybe it is because Dracula has been done to death in movies and this didn't bring anything new to the story. It is worth a watch if you like vampire movies, but don't expect too much. I will give it a 6/10.


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