Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 11

Last time, Tara and Glenn met three people in an army truck. This episode begins with Tara sitting in the back of the truck. She watches as Abraham kills some walkers and smiles about it. Cut to Michonne and Carl talk and they are getting on well together. They are going out on a food run. Rick wants to come too, but he is too weak and Michonne tells him to rest up. He goes upstairs and falls asleep in one of the beds. Michonne and Carl talk about her past and she tells him that she had a son before everything changed.

Rick hears a commotion going on downstairs and he goes under the bed to hide. He hears someone being killed. One of the gang comes up to the room and falls asleep on the bed. Rick has to stay under it. Meanwhile, Glenn comes to and realises where he is. He wants to go and look for Maggie. Abraham tells him that he can't just up and go because he will disrupt his plans. He tells Glenn that his pal Dr. Eugene knows what caused the plague and they are going to Washington to talk to someone in power. Glenn insists on leaving and they argue causing loads of walkers to come at them and when Eugene fires the gun, he hits the fuel tank on their truck. With their truck broken down, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita decide to go with Glenn and Tara for a while anyway.

Rick comes out from under the bed and tries to get out of the house but gets confronted by one of the gang. He strangles him and escapes from the house, just in time to warn Carl and Michonne, who are returning. They continue on the train tracks and find a sign telling them that there is 'sanctuary for all', 'community for all' and 'those who arrive, survive'. They decide to go that way. Good episode, lots of action...


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