Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 13

This episode starts with Bob wandering around alone until he meets Glenn and Daryl and they let him join the group. Cut to modern day, and Bob is with Sasha and Maggie. Bob nearly gets bitten by a walker, but just escapes. They are all relieved. They see the sign for Terminus and they decide to go  as Maggie thinks that Glenn might have gone there. Meanwhile, Daryl and Beth are still on the road and they come to a funeral home and find loads of food and drink suggesting that there is someone living there.

Maggie takes off, leaving Bob and Sasha together. Sasha wants to stop and stay at the next town they meet, but Bob thinks that they should go after Maggie, so they do. They find a sign that she wrote in blood telling Glenn that she has gone to Terminus so they follow along. Daryl and Beth hear something outside the house and when Daryl goes to see what it is, a group of walkers attack. Beth goes out the back window as Daryl faces them. He escapes and when he looks for Beth, he finds her bag on the ground, but she has gone. He sees a car pulling away and he has to let it go as he can't keep up with it. Sasha and Bob meet up with Maggie again and they all decide to go to Terminus.
Daryl meets a group of survivors who are led by Joe( Jeff Kober). They ask him to join. Glenn finds Maggie's bloody note and he heads for Terminus.


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