Monday, May 26, 2014

The Devil's Rain Movie Review 324

The Devil's Rain is a 1975 horror movie directed by Robert Fuest and starring William Shatner, Ernest Borgnine, Tom Skerritt and John Travolta(in his film debut).

The movie revolves around the Preston family who are in trouble because of a magical Satanic book that they have protected. The father is taken by a Satanic cult run by a man called Corbis(Borgnine). He wants the book and he will stop at nothing to get it. The father melts once he warns his wife and son Mark(Shatner) about the book. He tells them to give it to Corbis. Mrs. Preston is captured by the cult and Mark has to go and stop Corbis. He takes the book and drives off into a ghost town in the middle of the desert to face him. They meet and Mark thinks that he can fight Corbis, but he is not able to. He is captured and transformed into one of the cult.

Tom Preston(Skerritt) and his wife Julie(Joan Prather) go to look for the rest of his family and they stumble upon the cult and find out that Mark has been transformed. Tom looks around and he witnesses their mass and he sees Corbis turn into a devil like creature. Tom and Julie find something called The Devil's Rain which is a container which holds the souls of people in the cult. It is the source of Corbis' power. Julie and Tom destroy it with Mark's help and all of the cult members begin to melt. Tom sees his mother and Mark melt into nothing. He and Julie leave the Satanic church and hug each other after the ordeal is over. The movie ends with the audience seeing that Julie is not Julie. She is caught in a new Devil's Rain and Tom is with Corbis who is disguised as Julie so no happy endings here.

This was a low budget movie which was just mediocre. I wasn't too enthralled by it to be honest. I thought that it would be better and John Travolta has a teeny tiny part in it. It has a good cast, but the movie just isn't up to much. I wouldn't watch it again. See it if you want to see Shatner in something other than Star Trek but be warned, it is pretty bad. I give it a 4/10.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

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The Walking Dead, Season 4 Finale!

It's finally here- the finale we have been waiting for. This season has been slow in parts, but still very good TV. Last time, Glenn, Maggie and their group had just entered Terminus and met with a strange lady called Mary. Cut to Rick, Michonne and Carl who are making their way to Terminus also. They meet Joe and the gang, which includes Daryl. Joe is going to kill them when Daryl intervenes and tells him that they are good but Joe tells the others to beat him as he doesn't believe him. There is a fight and they kill the men. Daryl rejoins Rick and the others. He tells them that Beth has gone and they talk about what happened. They decide to go to Terminus together.

They reach it and Rick buries some of their guns outside just in case. They enter and look around. They meet people inside and they are given food. Rick sees that one of them has stuff belonging to Glenn and Maggie and a fight ensues.  They lose when they are shot at by the people inside and they are pinned down. They are caught and put into a train car and locked inside. Maggie, Glenn and the others are inside and they are all reunited. Rick tells them that they are screwing with the wrong people! The finale was good and I knew that there was something fishy about this Terminus. I am looking forward to the next season and seeing what Terminus really is and why they are locking people up. This season was good and even though it dragged in places, I am looking forward to October already!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Paranormal Activity :The Marked Ones Movie Review 323

Yes, there is another Paranormal Activity sequel. Who would have guessed? This is the fifth movie in the franchise. It is directed by Christopher B. Landon and it stars Andrew Jacobs, Jorge Diaz and Gabrielle Walsh.

In California, in 2012, a high school graduate called Jesse Arista(Jacobs) is living with his parents in an apartment complex. He has a video camera and decides to film everything. His best pal, Hector(Diaz) spy on a neighbour called Anna, who they think is a witch. She covers her windows with newspapers and they hear weird sounds coming from her place. She is found murdered in her apartment and Jesse and Hector decide to go into her place for a look. The cops have a suspect called Oscar, who Jesse knows. He is a young guy and he was spotted running from her apartment. They snoop around in her apartment and find that she has a basement and there are all weird things down there. There is a picture of Jesse which they find creepy and a book with some sort of weird writing in it about a portal which can be opened. They talk to their other friend, Marisol(Walsh) about it and they try to use the book to open the portal.

Jesse and Hector bring some chicks back to Anna's apartment for fun, but they leave when strange things happen. Oscar pops up looking like something out of Hell and he tells Jesse that he should kill himself before he hurts other people. Then he runs away and leaps off of the building to his death.
Jesse gets bitten in his sleep and he begins to change. He finds a picture of his mother who was pregnant with him at the time and she is with Anna and another woman who turns out to be the grandmother of Katie from the other movies. Jesse's grandmother senses the evil and she tries to help, but he kills her. He is turning into something horrible. He turns violent and they all end up at Katie's grandma's house where there are a coven of witches waiting for them. They are all killed and Jesse is still possessed at the end.

This movie was okay. It wasn't very good but it wasn't dire either. It is what you would expect from the sequels to Paranormal Activity so if you like the found footage movies, then this will be for you.

If you are tired of these hand held camera movies, then avoid this one because there is nothing new here. There are no surprises and the ending is what you would expect. I will give it a 4/10.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 15

This episode begins with Glenn and his group seeing the sign that Maggie left him to tell him to head to Terminus. He knows that she's alive, so they head off in that direction. Daryl is with the group of bikers and he is fighting with one of them over a rabbit he caught. There are rules within in the group and one of them is if they want something, they have to shout 'claim' and it is theirs. There are also severe reprisals for anyone who steals or lies to the group. The other guy puts the rabbit into Daryl's bag and tells the others that he stole it. The leader, Joe, has to find out the truth. It turns out that one of the others saw the guy putting it into Daryl's bag and setting him up. He is dealt with and killed. Daryl realises that these guys don't mess around.

Glenn and the others come to a tunnel and they decide to go through it. Abraham and his group don't want to go through it, as it is too dangerous so Glenn and Tara wander into it. It is filled with walkers and they battle. They are getting into trouble when they are saved by Maggie, Bob and Sasha who are joined by Abraham and his group.  They all decide to go to Terminus. They finally reach it and they can get in easily. There is a woman standing in the courtyard and she welcomes them. Her name is Mary(Denise Crosby) and she asks them if they would like some food.

An interesting episode. Terminus seems too good to be true and I see trouble down the line here. I am not sure what this Mary woman is or if she is good or bad, but I don't trust her!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Blind Fury Movie Review 322

Blind Fury is a 1989 action movie starring Rutger Hauer, Terry O 'Quinn and Brandon Call. It is directed by Phillip Noyce(Dead Calm).

Hauer stars as Nick Parker who is a Vietnam veteran who lost his sight in an attack. He was nursed back to health by some locals and he was taught how to be an expert at fighting and swordsmanship.
He drops in on old pal,Frank Deveraux(O 'Quinn) who was in the army with him. But, Frank has disappeared and Nick witnesses an attack in which Frank's wife is killed. He rescues his son, Billy(Call) from baddies sent by Frank's boss, MacCready(Noble Willingham). They want Billy to keep Frank in line. Nick and Billy go on the run and are chased by the baddies. Nick uses his expertise to fight them.

Frank is being forced to help MacCready to make drugs. Nick comes to rescue him and here is much fighting. Nick defeats them all and Billy is reunited with his dad. Frank and Nick talk about the attack in which he lost his sight. Frank always felt responsible, but Nick forgives him. They are all happy until Nick decides that he has to go his own way. Billy is upset as they had grown close during their adventure. Billy considers him Uncle Nick and they part tearfully.

This was a fun action movie. Hauer was good in the lead and it was entertaining. You can leave your brain at home and just enjoy this for what it is- an 80's action movie with Terry O'Quinn in it! I give it a 5/10.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 14

In this episode, we catch up with Carol, Tyreese, Judith, Lizzie and Mika. When Tyreese goes to kill a walker, Lizzie begs him not to. She seems to think that they are not blood crazed killers, but gentle people who just need a hug! They reach a house and they decide to stay there. Lizzie continues her stupidity when she plays with a walker outside. Carol is amazed at what she is doing. She kills it and Lizzie goes mad, screaming at her. There is something wrong with this kid. Tyreese decides that they should stay at the house instead of going forward. He thinks that they could be happy there. Carol knows that she has killed his girlfriend back in the prison so she's not sure he would want to stay if he knew the truth.

Lizzie kills Mika with a knife and she tells Carol and Tyreese that Judith was next. She thinks that Mika will come back because she didn't stab her brain. She holds a gun on them but they manage to calm her down and take her inside. Carol kills Mika before she can come back. Carol and Tyreese decide that Lizzie is too dangerous to have alive, so Carol takes her out and kills him. They bury the two girls and that night, Carol confesses that she killed his girlfriend. He is upset, but he decides that he can forgive her. The next day, they leave the house and go towards Terminus. An interesting episode. I was surprised by Lizzie turning psycho and I didn't see it coming when she killed her sister.
At least Carol's secret is out now and they can move on...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Deadly Messages Movie Review 321

Deadly Messages is a made for TV movie from 1985 starring Michael Brandon and Kathleen Beller.
It is directed by Jack Bender(Child's Play 3).

Laura Daniels(Beller) is dating Michael Krasnick(Brandon) and while she is out with him, her roommate, Cindy plays with a Ouija board, calling up the spirit of some guy called David who was murdered in their apartment. Cindy is strangled and Laura sees this, but when she calls the cops, there is no body or no killer around and she looks like a fool. The cops aren't too happy with her. She starts to see some weird guy following her around and she feels unsafe. She goes onto the Ouija board and comes into contact with a guy called Mark who tells her that he will kill her as she is a witness to murder. She sounds like a crazy person when she tells Michael about this and she is sure that the creepy guy who is following her wants to kill her.

Laura's life begins to change as she is sacked from her job for lying on her resume. Her boss checked her references and they were all lies. She can't understand why this is happening to her. She goes to the doctor and has a brain scan to see what's up with her. It is apparent to the doctor from her results  that she has had electroshock treatment . Michael is surprised as she has never said anything about it. He confronts her and she denies everything. She and Michael fall out over it. She investigates this Mark person and discovers that he has a sister Jennifer in a mental home. She is then attacked in her apartment by the creep and when she calls the cops, they don't believe her.

She visits the mental home and talks to the nurse who recognises her as Jennifer.She was an inmate of the mental home until she was attacked and she escaped from it. She discovers that it was her boyfriend David that Mark tried to kill and he wanted to kill her too. She witnessed it and she had forgotten it for years but the Ouija board brought back her memories of it. That was why Mark came back and tried to kill her. He tries one more time but Michael shoots him dead and Jennifer remembers all of her past. They can move on now...

An watchable TV  movie. It was entertaining and worth a watch. The story was solid and I liked it. It is a good mystery thriller. I give it a 6/10.
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