Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Deadly Messages Movie Review 321

Deadly Messages is a made for TV movie from 1985 starring Michael Brandon and Kathleen Beller.
It is directed by Jack Bender(Child's Play 3).

Laura Daniels(Beller) is dating Michael Krasnick(Brandon) and while she is out with him, her roommate, Cindy plays with a Ouija board, calling up the spirit of some guy called David who was murdered in their apartment. Cindy is strangled and Laura sees this, but when she calls the cops, there is no body or no killer around and she looks like a fool. The cops aren't too happy with her. She starts to see some weird guy following her around and she feels unsafe. She goes onto the Ouija board and comes into contact with a guy called Mark who tells her that he will kill her as she is a witness to murder. She sounds like a crazy person when she tells Michael about this and she is sure that the creepy guy who is following her wants to kill her.

Laura's life begins to change as she is sacked from her job for lying on her resume. Her boss checked her references and they were all lies. She can't understand why this is happening to her. She goes to the doctor and has a brain scan to see what's up with her. It is apparent to the doctor from her results  that she has had electroshock treatment . Michael is surprised as she has never said anything about it. He confronts her and she denies everything. She and Michael fall out over it. She investigates this Mark person and discovers that he has a sister Jennifer in a mental home. She is then attacked in her apartment by the creep and when she calls the cops, they don't believe her.

She visits the mental home and talks to the nurse who recognises her as Jennifer.She was an inmate of the mental home until she was attacked and she escaped from it. She discovers that it was her boyfriend David that Mark tried to kill and he wanted to kill her too. She witnessed it and she had forgotten it for years but the Ouija board brought back her memories of it. That was why Mark came back and tried to kill her. He tries one more time but Michael shoots him dead and Jennifer remembers all of her past. They can move on now...

An watchable TV  movie. It was entertaining and worth a watch. The story was solid and I liked it. It is a good mystery thriller. I give it a 6/10.


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