Friday, May 9, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 14

In this episode, we catch up with Carol, Tyreese, Judith, Lizzie and Mika. When Tyreese goes to kill a walker, Lizzie begs him not to. She seems to think that they are not blood crazed killers, but gentle people who just need a hug! They reach a house and they decide to stay there. Lizzie continues her stupidity when she plays with a walker outside. Carol is amazed at what she is doing. She kills it and Lizzie goes mad, screaming at her. There is something wrong with this kid. Tyreese decides that they should stay at the house instead of going forward. He thinks that they could be happy there. Carol knows that she has killed his girlfriend back in the prison so she's not sure he would want to stay if he knew the truth.

Lizzie kills Mika with a knife and she tells Carol and Tyreese that Judith was next. She thinks that Mika will come back because she didn't stab her brain. She holds a gun on them but they manage to calm her down and take her inside. Carol kills Mika before she can come back. Carol and Tyreese decide that Lizzie is too dangerous to have alive, so Carol takes her out and kills him. They bury the two girls and that night, Carol confesses that she killed his girlfriend. He is upset, but he decides that he can forgive her. The next day, they leave the house and go towards Terminus. An interesting episode. I was surprised by Lizzie turning psycho and I didn't see it coming when she killed her sister.
At least Carol's secret is out now and they can move on...


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