Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 4 Finale!

It's finally here- the finale we have been waiting for. This season has been slow in parts, but still very good TV. Last time, Glenn, Maggie and their group had just entered Terminus and met with a strange lady called Mary. Cut to Rick, Michonne and Carl who are making their way to Terminus also. They meet Joe and the gang, which includes Daryl. Joe is going to kill them when Daryl intervenes and tells him that they are good but Joe tells the others to beat him as he doesn't believe him. There is a fight and they kill the men. Daryl rejoins Rick and the others. He tells them that Beth has gone and they talk about what happened. They decide to go to Terminus together.

They reach it and Rick buries some of their guns outside just in case. They enter and look around. They meet people inside and they are given food. Rick sees that one of them has stuff belonging to Glenn and Maggie and a fight ensues.  They lose when they are shot at by the people inside and they are pinned down. They are caught and put into a train car and locked inside. Maggie, Glenn and the others are inside and they are all reunited. Rick tells them that they are screwing with the wrong people! The finale was good and I knew that there was something fishy about this Terminus. I am looking forward to the next season and seeing what Terminus really is and why they are locking people up. This season was good and even though it dragged in places, I am looking forward to October already!


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