Friday, June 20, 2014

Terror at Lost Lake Movie Review 327

Terror at Lost Lake is a 2012 horror movie directed by Marcus Nash and starring Ezra Buzzington, Katie Keene and John Shartzer.

Tricia(Keene) and Jeff(Shartzer) are getting married. The only thing is that Tricia's uncle Vern(Buzzington) has disappeared and she wants him to come to the wedding. Where has he gone? The last place he was going is called Lost Lake and it is a deserted ghost town. They drive there to see if they can find him and they do. They look around the place and it is empty and weird. There doesn't seem to be anyone else there except for Vern who is acting strangely. He tells them that he is waiting to see a ghost that is supposed to come to the town. He wants them to help to him to find it and get proof that it exists. They humour him at first, but when they fail to get pictures of it and want to leave, he goes mad and turns against them.

He chases them and disables their car. There is a weird old woman hanging around and she freaks them out. Vern has a weapon now and he threatens them. He hits Jeff over the head and ties him up.
The old woman has something to do with it and she stays with Jeff while Vern chases down Tricia and tries to bury her alive. Jeff escapes and finds her. He saves her from Vern.Vern gets killed. But as they try and escape, Jeff is possessed or something and he kills Tricia and he is now taking Vern's place in the town. The old woman is a witch or something and she needs him to do her bidding as Vern was.

This movie was not good. In fact, it was pretty bad. I thought that it would be better from the storyline, but it just didn't have anything interesting to say. The acting was horrific and the old lady wandering around was just silly after a while. Boring. I give it a 2/10.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, I had planned on watching this one but I think I'll pass.

Anonymous said...
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