Sunday, July 27, 2014

And Soon the Darkness Movie Review 334

And Soon the Darkness is a 1970 British thriller which is directed by Robert Fuest(The Devil's Rain) and starring Pamela Franklin, Michele Dotrice and Sandor Eles.

The story is about two girls, Jane(Franklin) and Cathy(Dotrice) who are on a biking holiday in France.
They are cycling through the French countryside. Jane is the more serious one of the two and she wants to plan their journey out but Cathy is too busy eyeing up some guy that they see at a roadside cafe. They stop for a rest at the side of the road and when Jane wants to go on, Cathy doesn't. She tells her that she is not going. She wants to rest in the sun. They fall out and Jane heads off without her. Cathy is alone and she hears someone. She disappears.

Jane is worried about Cathy as she stops at a cafe for a drink. She asks people if they have seen her friend as Cathy should have caught up with her by now. She goes back to the roadside, but Cathy is not there. They guy Cathy was looking at earlier comes along and sees Jane. His name is Paul(Eles) and he wants to help her.  He gives her a lift on his moped and he asks around the local cafes for Cathy. Paul and Jane go back again to the site and Paul tells her that there was a murder before in this area and there are woods behind where they could search for Cathy. He tells her that the victim was a tourist. Jane becomes very uncomfortable about it all. He tells her that he is a detective and that he worked on the murder case. Jane doesn't trust him and she runs away from him.

She meets a policeman(John Nettleton) and she tells him what has happened. He brings her back to his farmhouse. She tells him about Paul. He goes out to look and see if he can locate Cathy, but it is him who is the killer as Jane discovers. She finds Cathy's body and realises that Paul is not the killer after all. The policeman comes back and he attacks Jane. Paul shows up and hits him over the head and saves her. The movie ends with the police coming.

This was very entertaining. It is a well made movie and I enjoyed it. There isn't much gore or blood so  if you are looking for that, steer clear of this. This is more of a thriller than a horror so be warned. I liked it and found it good fun for a 70's movie. I recommend it. I will give it a 6/10.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to see if I can get hold of this one. I love old thrillers, even my wife enjoys them. We watched the Rear Window and Psycho recently, so I think she might enjoy this one too.

Amanda said...

It is worth a look. I like old thrillers too, especially 70's and 80's. It's pretty tame by today's standards but the story is good.

Susan Leighton said...

Pamela Franklin is in one of my all time favorite horror flicks of the 70s, The Legend of Hell House with Roddy McDowall.
This seems like it would be a good thriller. I will have to see of I can find it.

Amanda said...

I love Legend of Hell House. It's a great film with some eerie scenes. This movie did not have the same level of horror, but I did like it. I liked the story and the ending was pretty good. It's not gory or scary but it does entertain!

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