Monday, July 21, 2014

Witchboard 2:The Devil's Doorway Movie Review 333

Witchboard 2:The Devil's Doorway is a 1993 horror sequel. Witchboard was a decent horror movie and this is the follow up. It is directed by Kevin S.Tenney who also directed the first one. It stars Ami Dolenz and Timothy Gibbs.

Paige(Dolenz) moves into a new apartment after she falls out with her cop boyfriend, Mitch(Gibbs). She likes to paint and she works also. She finds a Ouija board in her apartment and she thinks that it will be fun to play with it. Uh-oh!! She meets the caretaker, Jonas who is married to the strange Elaine (Laraine Newman). She thinks that she is still living in the 60's. Paige also meets a young guy called Russel(John Gatins) who she likes. When Paige talks to the board, she gets in contact with a woman called Susan who was murdered. Paige is intrigued by this and she sets out to solve the mystery of Susan's death. Susan used to live in the apartment building and she just disappeared one day. Paige tells Russel that she was killed, but he thinks that she just left and moved on.

Paige asks her ex, Mitch to help her to locate an address that the spirit gives her. People start to get hurt and Elaine gets killed by an 'accident' but it is the spirit. The spirit is not good, it is evil and when Paige gets closer to the truth, the spirit kills others. Susan comes back but she goes into Paige's body and tries to take over. Mitch and Russel try and fight her, but it is Mitch who eventually gets Susan to come out of Paige. The movie ends with Paige moving out of the apartment complex. This was an okay movie. I don't think that it is as entertaining as the original Witchboard. I know that it is the same director, but this isn't as good. It's passable for a horror movie, but don't expect too much here.
I'm going to give it a 4/10.


Tony Briley said...

Thanks Amanda, saved me from this one. I might try it if time permits but don't have much interest in it.

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