Thursday, August 28, 2014

Joyride 3:Road Kill Movie Review 337

Joyride 3(2014) is the third movie in the series and it is directed by Declan O' Brien. It stars Jesse Hutch and Ben Hollingsworth.

If you have seen the original Joy Ride(or Roadkill which it is called also) you know the story and there isn't much different here. Rusty Nail is still patrolling the highways looking for some new prey. He gets it when he comes across two druggies who mess with him. He kills them pretty easily. What amazes me about these movies is that the baddie is out in broad daylight murdering people on a highway and he is never seen! But, this is fiction, so I'll let that slide. Rusty Nail is cruising along when a group of rally drivers pass him out in their cars. Now, this does not go down well with Rusty Nail as you can imagine!

Rusty is pissed and he decides that they will pay for overtaking him! The leader of the group is Jordan(Hutch) and he has his pal Mickey(Hollingsworth) , his girlfriend Jewel(Kirsten Prout) and a couple of others. They have a radio in their car so they can communicate with the demented trucker and he tells them that they will have to pay for what they have done. They realise that they shouldn't have messed with him and he takes Jewel hostage and wants Jordan to come and get her and pay for what he did. The movie becomes a cat and mouse game between Jordan and Rusty Nail and it concludes with Jordan putting Rusty Nail and his truck into a giant crusher and crushing him. Now, if you were inside a massive truck and you got crushed, there would be nothing left of you, but somehow, Rusty Nail gets out- and without a scratch on him!!!At least give him a broken arm or something!!!He gets a lift with a trucker so the killer will start again!

This was entertaining if a little silly, but I can't say that it was rubbish. It is the same as the other two really, but the original movie will always be the best quality one. This isn't bad and there are some interesting kills in it. It's a middle of the road horror, but quite fun. I will give it a 5/10.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Annabelle Movie Trailer!

If you have seen the horror movie called The Conjuring, then you will remember the creepy doll who was in it. It's an evil doll possessed by some spirits and now, the doll is getting its own film! Annabelle will be about the origins of the weird doll and will be released in October 2014 so here is the trailer!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wolf Creek 2 Movie Review 336

Wolf Creek 2 is a 2014 Australian horror directed by Greg McLean(who also directed the first one) and starring John Jarratt and Ryan Corr.

The movie begins with two cops who pull over a truck in the outback. They are being assholes about it but they have no idea who they have messed with. It is only Mick Taylor(Jarratt) and he is not impressed. Needless to say, they meet a sticky end. Mick is patrolling the roads and he comes upon a young German couple as they are camping out in a national park. He tells them that they can't do that and offers them a lift so they won't get into trouble. When they say no, he kills the guy. The girl manages to escape him and runs onto the road. She is picked up by a guy called Paul(Corr). She tells him some of what happened and he drives her away.

Mick follows them and he kills the girl when he shoots at Paul. The rest of the movie is a cat and mouse game between Mick and Paul. When Mick catches him, he tortures him. Paul escapes but Mick catches him again and knocks him out. When Paul wakes up, he is in a town, naked and he has a piece of paper with him which says 'loser', suggesting that Mick has won the game they were playing. We see at the end of the film we are told that Paul is accused of killing tourists in the outback and he has a mental breakdown. He is sent back to the UK and he is in a mental institution. Mick stalks the outback, looking for his next victim.

This is based on a true case of outback murders. I liked the movie as it was good fun and Jarratt was very good as the unhinged Mick. I think that it was a worthy sequel to the first movie and I enjoyed it. There is a scene where Mick asks Paul questions about Australian history which is very good! All in all, this is a decent horror which you could watch even if you haven't seen Wolf Creek. If you have not seen the first one, watch it now, it is well worth it. I'm giving this one a 7/10.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Robin Williams- A Comic Icon.

I think that we all know about the recent death of Robin Williams and it is sad to think that we have lost an actor who all of us knew and loved. Whether you grew up with Mork and Mindy or loved Good Morning Vietnam, you will have a favourite Robin Williams movie. He was a funny guy with a serious side too. His films have brought joy and laughter to so many people that you would have to say that he was a comic icon. He starred in so many movies that children love like Aladdin, Jumanji, Hook, Mrs Doubtfire , Flubber and Happy Feet. He was also in the Night at the Museum 1 and 2 movies which were good fun.

On the more adult side, there are good movies such as Good Morning Vietnam, Awakenings, The Fisher King, The Birdcage, Patch Adams and The Night Listener. From a personal point of view, my favourite  Robin Williams film would have to be Dead Poets Society. That film will always be the definitive Robin Williams movie for me. I liked his character in the movie and it stands out for me. I love that movie and it would be my top favourite. Next would be Good Will Hunting which I also enjoyed. Lastly, but not least, is One Hour Photo in which he played a lonely guy who works at a photo place and who becomes obsessed with a family he sees in pictures. This movie is very good and he is brilliant as the lonely Sy. That movie proves that Williams could do serious and creepy. 

So, in the end, we will always have his movies to enjoy. Whether you enjoy the comical ones or the more serious ones, most people will have a favourite one. Mine is Dead Poets Society. What is yours?? He was a great actor and a funnyman in his movies and it is sad that he has gone now, but the best way to remember him is to enjoy his work and not to focus on how he died. There is enough misery in the world, so just put on one of his films and enjoy that instead! Robin Williams(1951-2014)- Rest in Peace...

Monday, August 11, 2014

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Monday, August 4, 2014

More Amityville Movies!!

Just when you thought that they couldn't milk it anymore, they have! More Amityville movies. The new one will be out next year. I liked the first few, but when it started to get into the double digits, I lost interest. The remake of the original was bad enough, but this is another beginning. It's boring at this stage. I love the original movie and it will always be my favourite as it has that spooky feeling and good actors. Of course, being a glutton for punishment, I will probably force myself to watch the new one anyway, but really, it is time to leave the franchise alone at this stage, especially since the quality of the later movies is very bad. Twelve movies should be enough but I think that there will be more. This is just the beginning.....

Friday, August 1, 2014

Don't Go In The Woods Movie Review 335

Don't Go In The Woods is a 2010 horror movie directed by actor Vincent D'Onofrio. It is written by him also.

This movie stars unknowns in it so there are no stars here. It is a low budget affair. The story can be summed up pretty easily. A band go into the woods to get some peace and quiet to record some songs. The leader, Nick wants them to have complete isolation from the outside world and he smashes their phones. They wander off into the woods and set up camp. Of course, there is a killer waiting in the woods to kill everyone. The movie is like a music video with bits of horror thrown in which is probably what the director wanted to do, I'm not sure. I like Vincent D'Onofrio as an actor so I was interested in seeing this film, but it just wasn't very good. I suppose it could be seen as a comedy horror, but I just thought that it wasn't even funny.

The acting isn't good, which is OK because it IS a horror movie and the actors are all amateurs, so we will forgive that. There are WAY too many songs in this and there is not enough horror for me. Every two seconds they were breaking into song and jamming by the fire. It just didn't have enough to keep me interested and I just had to press fast forward until the end. This is like a long music video and it is bizarre. I couldn't sit through the whole movie so by the time I had forwarded the parts I didn't like, there was only a few minutes of movie left. Be warned, this isn't good. There were a few okay moments of horror, but they were far and few between. Just don't go into this movie if you are expecting a normal horror. This is a lot of singing with some horror scenes thrown in. It just seemed strange to me and I didn't like it. I give this a 2/10.
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