Thursday, August 28, 2014

Joyride 3:Road Kill Movie Review 337

Joyride 3(2014) is the third movie in the series and it is directed by Declan O' Brien. It stars Jesse Hutch and Ben Hollingsworth.

If you have seen the original Joy Ride(or Roadkill which it is called also) you know the story and there isn't much different here. Rusty Nail is still patrolling the highways looking for some new prey. He gets it when he comes across two druggies who mess with him. He kills them pretty easily. What amazes me about these movies is that the baddie is out in broad daylight murdering people on a highway and he is never seen! But, this is fiction, so I'll let that slide. Rusty Nail is cruising along when a group of rally drivers pass him out in their cars. Now, this does not go down well with Rusty Nail as you can imagine!

Rusty is pissed and he decides that they will pay for overtaking him! The leader of the group is Jordan(Hutch) and he has his pal Mickey(Hollingsworth) , his girlfriend Jewel(Kirsten Prout) and a couple of others. They have a radio in their car so they can communicate with the demented trucker and he tells them that they will have to pay for what they have done. They realise that they shouldn't have messed with him and he takes Jewel hostage and wants Jordan to come and get her and pay for what he did. The movie becomes a cat and mouse game between Jordan and Rusty Nail and it concludes with Jordan putting Rusty Nail and his truck into a giant crusher and crushing him. Now, if you were inside a massive truck and you got crushed, there would be nothing left of you, but somehow, Rusty Nail gets out- and without a scratch on him!!!At least give him a broken arm or something!!!He gets a lift with a trucker so the killer will start again!

This was entertaining if a little silly, but I can't say that it was rubbish. It is the same as the other two really, but the original movie will always be the best quality one. This isn't bad and there are some interesting kills in it. It's a middle of the road horror, but quite fun. I will give it a 5/10.


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