Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wolf Creek 2 Movie Review 336

Wolf Creek 2 is a 2014 Australian horror directed by Greg McLean(who also directed the first one) and starring John Jarratt and Ryan Corr.

The movie begins with two cops who pull over a truck in the outback. They are being assholes about it but they have no idea who they have messed with. It is only Mick Taylor(Jarratt) and he is not impressed. Needless to say, they meet a sticky end. Mick is patrolling the roads and he comes upon a young German couple as they are camping out in a national park. He tells them that they can't do that and offers them a lift so they won't get into trouble. When they say no, he kills the guy. The girl manages to escape him and runs onto the road. She is picked up by a guy called Paul(Corr). She tells him some of what happened and he drives her away.

Mick follows them and he kills the girl when he shoots at Paul. The rest of the movie is a cat and mouse game between Mick and Paul. When Mick catches him, he tortures him. Paul escapes but Mick catches him again and knocks him out. When Paul wakes up, he is in a town, naked and he has a piece of paper with him which says 'loser', suggesting that Mick has won the game they were playing. We see at the end of the film we are told that Paul is accused of killing tourists in the outback and he has a mental breakdown. He is sent back to the UK and he is in a mental institution. Mick stalks the outback, looking for his next victim.

This is based on a true case of outback murders. I liked the movie as it was good fun and Jarratt was very good as the unhinged Mick. I think that it was a worthy sequel to the first movie and I enjoyed it. There is a scene where Mick asks Paul questions about Australian history which is very good! All in all, this is a decent horror which you could watch even if you haven't seen Wolf Creek. If you have not seen the first one, watch it now, it is well worth it. I'm giving this one a 7/10.


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