Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hypothermia Movie Review 344

Hypothermia is a 2012 horror movie directed by James Felix McKenney and starring Michael Rooker.

The first thing to say about this movie is that it is set out on an ice lake and the story revolves around some sort of fishy monster below the ice. Seasoned fisherman, Ray(Rooker)  is ice fishing with his wife Helen(Blanche Baker), their son David(Benjamin Hugh Abel Forster) and his fiancee Gina(Amy Chan).They run into a guy called Steve(Don Wood)and his son Steve Jr.(Greg Finley). Ray is a traditional kind of guy while Steve is an idiot with all of his gear and his showing off. They meet and Steve invites them to his van and they chat. Ray and his family think that Steve is a fool.

When Steve Jr. falls into the lake, he gets bitten by something very large. Steve refuses to take his son to the hospital. He wants to stay on the ice and catch whatever the huge fish was. Ray and the others try to get him to change his mind. Steve Jr is not feeling well and his arm is infected where it was bitten. After this, they discover that there is indeed something horrible lurking in the lake. It is a man in a cheap rubber suit with a fish head. They decide to hunt it and kill it. This is where the movie becomes silly. The reveal of the creature made me laugh. It is not scary at all.

The rest of the movie is about the fishy guy running after everyone and getting them. All that is left is Helen and Gina and when the creature corners them, Helen makes a moving speech about how she has lost everything and that they didn't want to disturb the creature and it lets them live. Hmmm. Very silly. But I did like Rooker in it which is something and apart from the creature reveal and the ending, this was not too bad. Anyway, this gets a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Wow. This sounds horrible, yet hysterically funny. Michael Rooker usually makes better choices. Maybe he lost a bet or he was doing a friend a favor. I would probably watch this the way someone watches Sharknado with tongue firmly implanted in my cheek.

Amanda said...

The only good thing about this was Rooker.He was good in this but he couldn't make the movie great on his own.The monster ruined it.It was like a guy in a suit.I mean,come on!It's not the 1950's.Come up with something better!!!

Tony Briley said...

There's been a run of movies with a cold/ice setting lately and I don't have much desire to watch this older one, especially after reading your review. That was a firmed up sentiment as soon as I read "some sort of fishy monster".

Amanda said...

Yes, probably best to avoid this one! There isn't much to enjoy unless you like really bad special effects!!!

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