Friday, November 7, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 3

In the last episode, poor Bob was being eaten by Gareth and his pals from Terminus. In this episode, Gareth tells Bob that he is going to make Rick and the others pay for killing his mother and that they will eat them all. Bob begins to laugh as he tells them that he has been bitten by a walker and they have eaten his tainted flesh. They are all shocked and Gareth knocks him out in anger. Rick and the group are still in the church. They wonder what has happened to Bob. Sasha is worried about him. They get to the truth about what Gabriel did that he was so ashamed of. He locked all of his congregation out of the church and he allowed the walkers to have them. He knows that his soul is damned to Hell.

The group find Bob dumped outside the church and they bring him in. He tells them about Gareth and the others and what they have been doing. They know that there will be a showdown and Abraham wants to head off to Washington but they convince him to stay for a while to fight the baddies. Bob is on the way out as he has been bitten so Sasha stays with him until he dies and then Tyreese has to kill him again to make sure that he doesn't turn. The group are upset by his death. Rick and some of the group go to look for Gareth and his pals while another couple are left back at the church. Gareth and his friends are hiding outside and they decide to get into the church while Rick has gone. They search for victims, but Rick and the others return before they can kill anyone and in a very violent way, Rick kills Gareth. Gabriel is horrified, but it had to be done.

Abraham, Eugene, Glenn, Maggie, Tara and Rosita head off to Washington on the bus and they want the others to come but they are waiting for Daryl and Carol to return. Daryl does return out of the the bushes and when Michonne asks where Carol is, he turns to someone and says 'come on out'.Is it Carol? This was a very good episode with lots happening. It is good that Gareth and his band of cannibals got their comeuppance but we said a sad goodbye to poor Bob who got chomped by a walker...


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