Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Solo Movie Review 346

Solo is a 2013 thriller movie directed by Isaac Cravit and starring Annie Clark, Daniel Kash and Richard Clarkin. There are spoilers ahead so be warned.

The movie begins with a young girl called Gillian(Clark) who is going to start working at a  summer camp. She little or no experience, but she says that she has. Each worker has to spend a day or two on an island nearby alone to prove their survival skills. Gillian is a little worried about this, but she goes over with the camp owner, Fred(Clarkin). She looks around the place and it is very isolated. There is a rumour going around that the island is haunted because a little girl disappeared there years ago. Fred heads off and leaves her alone. She is spooked when she hears something and she jumps when she sees a man on the island. He tells her that his name is Ray(Kash) and that he thought that she sent out an SOS.

Gillian gets rid of him after a while and she continues on with her job. She gets a fright when Fred's son, Marty turns up. He just came to check on her. They wander around the island. Things take a dark turn when Ray turns up again. It turns out that he is a bit of a psycho and he almost kills Marty and chases Gillian. The rest of the movie is a game of cat and mouse as Ray tries to get Gillian. When he eventually does, she manages to escape and kill him. She takes his boat and heads back to the camp.

This was an interesting movie. There isn't much to it, but it is worth a look. I enjoyed it I have to say and it is cheap, but entertaining. I will give it a 5/10.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Jigsaw and Amanda's Festive Faves!

It is almost Christmas again- doesn't the year fly by? It is time for those golden oldies to come on TV and some not so good movies that we have seen again and again..To start with, here at Jigsaw's Lair, we are not all about the dark side. Yes, we do indulge in it a lot more horror than most people, but we do have a softer side. Christmas is about family and enjoying some great films that make us smile or cry.We both like to watch It's a Wonderful Life at Christmas. I, Amanda, tend to enjoy it more than Jigsaw, but hey, it's Christmas!

Another classic I like to watch is Gone With the Wind. It would not be Christmas without this epic movie. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is still one of my all time funny Christmas movies. I just love it and I watch it every year. Hmmm, what else? Gremlins of course! It is not strictly a Christmas movie, but I enjoy it at this time of year. Then there is Die Hard and White Christmas....So many sentimental movies that we like to watch.....Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the sentimental Christmas movies, but what would Christmas be without a gem like Silent Night, Deadly Night. It brings the true Christmas message to life. To see a killer Santa on the loose really makes you enjoy it all the more. Sinister grandad scares his grandson by telling him bad stories...Can you top that for festive fun? And what about Black Christmas? A psycho hides in the attic of a sorority house and kills young women one by one...Gives you a warm glow inside....Christmas Evil tells of a poor delusional man who decides to become Santa and delivers bloody gifts for everyone....Santa is indeed giving... Silent Night is another killer Santa movie which is not great, but worth a look if you have time on your hands.Well, there are plenty more movies that I would watch at Christmas, but these few come to mind. If you have any suggestions for a good Christmas movie , then let me know...

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 6

This episode beings with Carol and Daryl following the car with the white cross on it. They are hoping that it will lead them to where Beth is. They run out of gas and have to leave the car and find shelter for the night. They find a spot to look out over the area and they end up in an office block. They find walkers in a tent inside and they kill them. They get held up by Noah who has followed them and he takes their weapons. He escapes and Carol is going to kill him, but Daryl stops her.

They find a van from Grady Memorial Hospital with a stretcher inside and they wonder if Beth has been taken there. They go back to the office block where they find Noah and Daryl pushes a bookcase on top of him. He is trapped and there are walkers coming. Daryl is going to leave him tere to die, but Carol asks him not to do that. They rescue Noah and he tells them about Beth and the hospital. They are going to help him, but Carol steps out on the street and gets knocked down by a car from the hospital. Daryl can't help and he has to watch as two people get out of the car and take her away with them. They decide to go back to Rick and the others and get a group together to get Beth and Carol out.

A good episode which sets everything up nicely. There will be a confrontation between the hospital and the survivor group and it should be good!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 4, Episode 3

This episode begins with a guy called Stanley(Denis O'Hare) and a girl called Maggie(Emma Roberts) who are at a morbidity museum and they find out that if they can bring a freak in dead, they will get lots of money. They make a plan to set out for Elsa's freakshow to get themselves a freak. Meanwhile, it is Halloween and the freaks are telling stories about an Englishman called Edward Mordrake. Apparently, he was a freak who had a face on the back of his head. It was evil, trying to corrupt him. He tried to get rid of it, but he couldn't. He joined a freakshow and then killed everyone and himself on Halloween. The freaks don't perform because if they do, he will come for them.


Ethel is at the doctor and he tells her that she is very sick. Her liver is not good and she has not long left to live. Maggie turns up at the freak show and she wants a job. She pretends that she is a fortune teller and manages to fool Elsa into hiring her. She has the name Esmeralda. She calls Stanley to tell him that she is in the show and he is happy as he wants a freak. Ethel tells Dell not to reveal that he is Jimmy's dad and that she hasn't long left to live.Dot and Bette are singing when Elsa decides to take over and she sings her own song. This summons Mordrake(Wes Bentley)and he appears at the freakshow. He talks to Ethel about her sad life and she thinks that he will take her soul, but he doesn't. Meanwhile, Dandy is prancing around dressed as a clown and he threatens the housekeeper, Dora(Patti LaBelle) who thinks that he is an idiot. He heads off to Twisty's hideout and torments the two children he has held captive. Twisty arrives with another boy.

This was a good episode and it introduces some new characters. I don't like Elsa singing modern songs as it doesn't fit with the rest of the show. This is one flaw about the show, but it's only a small thing.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 5

This episode begins with Abraham and his group. They are on the bus travelling when it suddenly breaks down and is on fire. The group have to abandon the bus and their stuff . A group of walkers approach them and they fight. They manage to kill them.Eugene saves Tara's life and she is grateful to him. He is a bit strange though because he is a peeping tom. He watches Abraham and Rosita having sex and he is caught by Tara. He tells her that he sabotaged the bus so that they would have to return to the church and safety. Tara warns him not to do anything like that again. She agrees not to tell the others.

They discover a fire truck and they ride along in that for a while, but it breaks down. They fight off more walkers. They discover a horrible smell along the road and they see a gigantic group of walkers in the road ahead. The group realise that they can't fight them all , but Abraham wants to go through them with Eugene. It is then that Eugene admits that he lied. He has no cure. He was just pretending so that he would be useful to Abraham. Abraham is furious and he beats him up. Everyone is in shock. He kneels on the road and just cries. Cut to a flashback where Abraham is with his wife and two children in a supermarket. He kills some people and the wife and kids are afraid of him. They leave while he is asleep and he finds their bodies outside, eaten by walkers. He is going to kill himself when Eugene appears and tells him that he has a cure. Abraham decides that he will protect him and get him to Washington.

Interesting episode with some insight into Abraham. I like his character. Eugene turned out to be a complete liar so I don't know where the group will go from here.

Friday, December 5, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 4, Episode 2

In the last episode, we were introduced to Elsa Mars and her group of freaks. A killer clown called Twisty was on the prowl around the town of Jupiter, Florida. He is in a toyshop at the beginning of this episode and he kills the owner and the younger worker. The cops call to the freak show to tell Elsa that there is going to be a curfew enforced in the town as the killer is still out there. This will impact on the business of the freak show. Jimmy digs up the dead cop's body and takes the badge. He is worried about the cops sniffing around. They will not give up as he was one of their own. Jimmy's father, Dell(Michael Chiklis) and his new wife, Desiree(Angela Bassett) turn up at the freak show and want to join up. Dell is a strong man and Desiree is a hermaphrodite and also has three breasts. Ethel is not happy as she does not want Dell to go anywhere near her son Jimmy. She was married to Dell a long time ago and he was not a good guy.

Dell manages to worm his way in and Ethel is angry. Gloria is driving around when she sees Twisty the clown. She stops her car and asks him to come to her house to entertain her son, Dandy. When Dandy meets Twisty, he is fascinated by him. He wants to know all about him. Twisty if unnerved and he hits him over the head and runs off. Dandy follows him just in time to see Twisty's kidnapped kids trying to escape. The girl runs up to Dandy, thinking that he will help her, but he just brings her back to Twisty and they all go into his van. It turns out that Dandy is a psycho and he wants to help Twisty to kill.

Jimmy and Dell butt heads as Jimmy brings the freaks into the local diner for some food, but Dell catches them and tells them that they shouldn't be giving the public a free show. It turns out that Dot can sing very well and this doesn't sit well with Elsa who thinks that she is the singing star. When Dot sings at the show, Elsa watches with jealousy. Jimmy plants the cop's badge in Dell's trailer, trying to frame him, but it ends up in Meep's instead and poor Meep gets taken to the police station where he is murdered. Jimmy decides that he has to confess to get Meep out. The cops drop Meep off , dead at the freak show and Jimmy is distraught. This was a good episode with lots happening. There are a lot of characters but I like that and I think that this season is very good so far.
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