Friday, December 5, 2014

American Horror Story, Season 4, Episode 2

In the last episode, we were introduced to Elsa Mars and her group of freaks. A killer clown called Twisty was on the prowl around the town of Jupiter, Florida. He is in a toyshop at the beginning of this episode and he kills the owner and the younger worker. The cops call to the freak show to tell Elsa that there is going to be a curfew enforced in the town as the killer is still out there. This will impact on the business of the freak show. Jimmy digs up the dead cop's body and takes the badge. He is worried about the cops sniffing around. They will not give up as he was one of their own. Jimmy's father, Dell(Michael Chiklis) and his new wife, Desiree(Angela Bassett) turn up at the freak show and want to join up. Dell is a strong man and Desiree is a hermaphrodite and also has three breasts. Ethel is not happy as she does not want Dell to go anywhere near her son Jimmy. She was married to Dell a long time ago and he was not a good guy.

Dell manages to worm his way in and Ethel is angry. Gloria is driving around when she sees Twisty the clown. She stops her car and asks him to come to her house to entertain her son, Dandy. When Dandy meets Twisty, he is fascinated by him. He wants to know all about him. Twisty if unnerved and he hits him over the head and runs off. Dandy follows him just in time to see Twisty's kidnapped kids trying to escape. The girl runs up to Dandy, thinking that he will help her, but he just brings her back to Twisty and they all go into his van. It turns out that Dandy is a psycho and he wants to help Twisty to kill.

Jimmy and Dell butt heads as Jimmy brings the freaks into the local diner for some food, but Dell catches them and tells them that they shouldn't be giving the public a free show. It turns out that Dot can sing very well and this doesn't sit well with Elsa who thinks that she is the singing star. When Dot sings at the show, Elsa watches with jealousy. Jimmy plants the cop's badge in Dell's trailer, trying to frame him, but it ends up in Meep's instead and poor Meep gets taken to the police station where he is murdered. Jimmy decides that he has to confess to get Meep out. The cops drop Meep off , dead at the freak show and Jimmy is distraught. This was a good episode with lots happening. There are a lot of characters but I like that and I think that this season is very good so far.


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