Friday, January 9, 2015

American Horror Story, Season 4, Episode 5

Last episode, Twisty met a grisly end and was taken by Mordrake. Jimmy is a hero in town for saving the hostages. This time, Stanley comes to Elsa telling her that he is a television agent and that he might be able to get her a show. She is not interested initially, but she changes her mind. Really, Stanley is working with Maggie to get the freaks and kill them and get paid by the Museum of Morbid Curiosities. Maggie tries to warn Jimmy and tells him that he should leave the freak show and go somewhere else.

Jimmy goes to look for Dell who is not around and he finds Desiree upset. They end up getting close and he manages to make her bleed as they are having sex.  She is rushed to the doctor who tells her that she has suffered a miscarriage. He also tells her that she does not have a penis. It is an enlarged clitoris so she is all woman. She is amazed. He tells her that she can have surgery to take it away and her third breast can be removed also, making her normal. He tells her that she will be able to have a child in the future. She is delighted and wants to have the surgery.

Gloria discovers that Dandy has killed Dora and she is not pleased. She tells him to go to his room and she cleans up the mess for him. He then goes to a gay bar and picks up a young guy for money. It turns out that the young man is the lover of Dell who happens to be gay. Dandy takes him back to Twisty's van and stabs him. He cuts him up and dissolves him in acid. He goes home and Gloria tells him that she will find a way for him to satisfy his violent urges without exposing himself. Dora's daughter calls looking for her mother and Gloria puts her off. Dell returns home and finds Desiree leaving. She tells him that she is going to have surgery and be normal and have kids, but not with him. He goes to the doctor and threatens him. He tells him that he had better not do the surgery or he will kill him. Elsa takes Dot and Bette to Gloria and offers them to her for Dandy.


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