Friday, January 30, 2015

See No Evil 2 Movie Review 350

See No Evil 2 is a 2014 straight-to DVD slasher sequel directed by the Soska sisters and starring WWE Superstar Kane and Danielle Harris.

The original movie- See No Evil was about a maniac called Jacob Goodnight who murdered a load of people in a hotel. He was supposedly  killed by one of them and he is brought into a morgue where 
Amy(Harris),her co worker Seth(Kaj-Erik Eriksen) and the boss Holden(Michael Eklund) are busy at work with dead people. They know who he is and they are a little spooked by him.Amy's friends turn up at work to have a birthday party for her(at a morgue!!) and that is when the trouble begins. Little do they know that Jacob is not dead. He wakes up and begins to get some weapons for his next killing spree...

So, as you can guess, the rest of the movie is about Jacob making his way through the entire cast! Each one meets a stick end as Jacob stalks through the corridors of a seemingly gigantic morgue.This is pretty standard slasher fare and there is lots of blood and gore which is also pretty standard. It is somewhat enjoyable, but nothing special. I don't think that there is much creativity here or much of a plot really. Kane is good as the unhinged killer and the rest of the cast are OK. You really know what you are getting here. So, if you want a passable slasher, then this will suit you. I will give it a 5/10.


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