Monday, February 9, 2015

American Horror Story, Season 4, Episode 7

Last time. Jimmy went to Dandy's house to collect the twins. He meets Dandy who invites him in. He looks around and realises that Dandy is a killer and he was working with Twisty. He manages to convince the girls to go back to the freak show with him and Dandy is not happy. Jimmy knows that Elsa left the twins with Dandy so that she would be rid of them. He tries to tell the others what she did. The girls cover for her and Jimmy looks stupid.

Dell gets caught at the gay bar by the sleazy Stanley. Stanley blackmails him into getting one of the freaks for him to sell. Dell tries to get Eve, but she kicks the hell out of him. He knows that the ladies will come after him now for attacking one of their own. He goes into town with Jimmy, who is his son, and they get drunk together. Ethel is not pleased and she wants Dell gone. Jimmy is not so sure. Dell thinks about killing Jimmy and giving him to Stanley, but changes his mind as he bonds with his son. Elsa talks with the twins and they tell her that they want money and they want it fast in return for their silence about what she has done.She has to agree.

Elsa and Stanley discuss how to get rid of the twins. Stanley has a plan for them and Elsa does not care as long as they are out of her life. Ethel happens to overhear their conversation and is shocked. Penny tells her had that she is going to leave home and live with Paul at the freak show. Her father is so disgusted that he has a tattooist cover her in tattoos and fork her tongue so that she looks like one of the freaks. She goes and shows Paul what her dad has done to her. Dell decides that he has no choice but to kill Ma Petite. He gives her a dress and she tries it on for him. She hugs him and he squeezes her to death. She is then shown on display in the Museum of Morbid Curiosities.

Another interesting episode. Poor Ma Petite was killed off, but that's the way it goes I guess...


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