Friday, February 13, 2015

American Horror Story, Season 4, Episode 8

Last time, Ma Petite was murdered by Dell and Elsa and Stanley were trying to get rid of the twins. This episode begins with the freaks finding some of Ma Petite's clothes and some bones in the forest. Ethel accuses Elsa of killing her. They have an argument and Ethel shoots her in the leg, revealing that Elsa has wooden legs. She tells Ethel that her legs were cut off during a snuff movie. A doctor Dolcefino(Danny Huston) finds her and rescues her. He makes her a new pair of legs and cares for her. Ethel is going to kill her, but Elsa gets there first. She throws a knife into Ethel's head. Sleazy Stanley helps Elsa make it look a suicide. Everyone believes it and there is a funeral for Ethel.

A new person joins the show. She is a morbidly obese woman called Ima Wiggles(Chrissy Metz). Jimmy goes to pieces after his mother's death and he even tries to have sex with Ima Wiggles. Penny and some of the others get her father to the freak show with the intention of killing him. They are going to make him suffer when Maggie sticks her nose in and tells them not to. They let him off, but with a warning never to see Penny ever again. Dandy decides that his mother has been annoying him a lot lately and he decides to kill her. He shoots her in the head after she arranges for him to see a therapist and decides to put him away for being so crazy and then he bathes in her blood.


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