Thursday, February 19, 2015

American Horror Story, Season 4, Episode 9

This episode begins with a mad Dandy going to see the fortune teller Esmeralda for a reading. She tells him positive things, so he is happy with himself after murdering his mother. He bumps into a drunk Jimmy who tells him he knows he had something to do with the killer clown and he accuses him of taking the twins. Dandy threatens Jimmy, telling him that he will get revenge on him for taking the twins away from him. The twins are actually staying somewhere else and Stanley finds them for Elsa. He tells them that he knows a good doctor who is going to come and separate them. In reality, they will both die. They change their mind at the last moment.

Meanwhile, Dell is having a breakdown of sorts. He is going to kill himself, but Desiree stops him.  A very drunk Jimmy is at a Tupperware party with a group of housewives, but he is not performing for them and they make him leave. Dandy sees this and he calls to the house pretending that his car has broken down. He murders all of the women and makes it look at is Jimmy has done it. Then, he returns home to fine Regina looking for her mother again. She has a cop with her. He gets the cop to kill her by offering him one million dollars. Jimmy stumbles back to the freak show where he finds Bette and Dot in his van. They tell him that they love him and they want to be with him, but he tells them he loves someone else. They are hurt. Just then, the cops come and arrest Jimmy for the murders of the housewives.

A good episode. Dandy is one evil young man and he is getting worse!


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