Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 8

Rick chases after the cop who hit Sasha and kills him brutally. The other officers decide that they will say that he was killed by walkers so there will not be a war between Dawn and her officers and Rick's group. dawn is beginning to lose her position as top dog and people are wondering if she should be in charge. One of the people who does not want her on top is pushed down an elevator shaft by Beth. Dawn is pleased, but Beth feels manipulated into doing it by Dawn.

Gabriel wanders around and gets himself into trouble when he encounters a group of walkers. The others at the church have to help him as he leads the walkers back to the church(moron!). They have to let him in and then escape through his little hiding place under the floorboards. They then lock he walkers inside the church. Abraham and the others arrive in the nick of time and they tell Maggie that they know where Beth is and they are going to get her.

Rick and his group meet up with Dawn and her crew and they agree to trade Beth and Carol for the officers. At the last minute, Dawn decides that she wants Noah too. They don't want to hand him over, but he tells them that he will go. Beth stabs Dawn in the shoulder with a scissors and in a reflex action,  Dawn shoots her in the head, killing her. Daryl shoots her in the head. The other officers tell them to go. They will not retaliate. Noah is free to go too.They leave, carrying the dead body of Beth. Maggie and the others arrive just in time to see Beth's dead body.. In an extra scene at the end of the show, Morgan is shown following a trail. He finds a map left by Rick and he realises that he is on the same track...

This was a great episode and the mid-season finale. I have to say that Beth was not one of my favourite characters, so when she died, it wasn't sad for me. I am looking forward to the next episode now...


Tony said...

Beth wasn't one of my favorite characters either but I liked a lot of the plots she was in. So it wasn't too bad to see her go, but she is a character I'll miss quite a bit. The ending definitely a sad one, a shocker that I wasn't expecting at this point. She seemed to be getting more and more screen time, so was kind of surprised when she got killed off after surviving everything else.

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