Monday, March 9, 2015

American Horror Story, Season 4, Episode 10 and 11

Episode 10 begins with Pepper losing her husband, Salty when he dies in his sleep. She is devastated and goes into meltdown. Elsa tells Desiree about how she found Pepper in an orphanage. Her sister didn't want her so she was alone. Elsa took her out of there and put her into her show. She finds her a husband and Pepper is happy. They decide to contact her sister and see if she will take her in. Stanley tells Elsa that he will have Salty's body cremated, but instead he sells it to the Museum of Morbid Curiosities. Elsa finds her sister and she tells her about Pepper.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is in jail and Stanley visits him and tells him that if he sells his hands, he will get him a good lawyer. Jimmy has no choice but to cut them off. Maggie tells Desiree about her and Stanley and why they really came to the freak show. They go to the Museum of Morbid Curiosities and find Ma Petite, Salty's head and Jimmy's hands on display. Pepper moves back in with her sister and it is not good as the husband hates her. They have a baby and decide to kill it and frame Pepper for it. She gets taken away and put into an asylum(season 2) and meets Sr. Mary Eunice who decides to make her a special project and lets her help out in the library.

Episode 11 begins with Jimmy realising that Stanley conned him into cutting off his hands. Dell goes back to the freak show and tells Elsa. Bette and Dot meet a travelling salesman called Chester(Neil Patrick Harris) and they like him. They want to sleep with him. Chester is a bit of a nut and he carries around a dummy called Marjorie with him. She comes to life and he talks to her. He was injured in WW2 and has never been the same since. She and Chester have a ventriloquist act together. He sleeps with the twins.

Dell talks to Elsa about what happened to Jimmy and she tells him to get him out of there before something happens to him. Dell and Amazon Eve stop the car in which the cops are bringing Jimmy back from the hospital to jail and kill the cops and rescue Jimmy. Dell is confronted by Desiree who has shown Elsa what happened to Ma Petite. He confesses to killing her and Elsa shoots him in the head. Dandy is still slithering around and he has had the twins followed. He finds out that they slept with Chester and he tells him he knows all about his shady past. He murdered his wife and her lover and has convinced himself that Marjorie did it. He is told that he has to kill the twins by a jealous Marjorie.

Two decent episodes. We say goodbye to Dell as the season nears a close....


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