Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sickle Movie Review 352

Sickle is a 2015 horror movie directed by Geno McGahee and Forris Day Jr. and starring Logan Lopez, Brent Northup,Dave Sauriol, Crystal Aya and Renee Day. Be aware that this contains spoilers so be careful!

The movie begins with people talking about a strange man who is very tall wearing a top hat and has awful red eyes. Who is he? Is he the Grim Reaper or the Moth Man? Cut to a young man called Michael Hart(Lopez) who is accused of murdering his babysitter. He is only 12 years of age and he knows that he did not do it and tells them a monster came and killed her but nobody will believe him. He is put away for 15 years. The day comes when he is being released. He is now 27 and he is nervous about going back into society. He has a friend who works in the facility called Franklin(Richard Smith) and he tells Michael that it will be fine. Michael is going to stay with his uncle Bill(Sauriol) as his parents do not want to know about him after what happened. Michael is disappointed by this.

Cut to a young woman called Kim(Aya). She goes to her cousin Phil(Scott C.Day) who happens to be a paranormal investigator. He wants her to join his team of ghost hunters. She decides that she will tag along and see what happens. Phil has proven ten hauntings and he hopes to prove more. Kim meets Phil's team- Steve, the tech guy, Susan(Renee Day)the researcher and Sarah(Sarah Surprenant) the demonologist .They are going to a theatre because there were two deaths there and there have been reports of paranormal activity. There is something sinister there. Meanwhile, Michael and his uncle Bill chat about what happened.
It turns out that Michael tried to commit suicide. Bill wants to know what really happened the night of the murder. Michael tells him that he was watching TV when he heard a crash. He went into the kitchen and saw the horrible monster standing over the body. Michael has no name for it. It was wearing a top hat and had a skeleton face. Bill finds this all hard to believe. Michael is not backing down. He is sure that it was a monster.

Michael meets an old man called Mr. Crane(Northup) and he offers Michael some handyman work around his house. He seems a little weird, but Michael is grateful for the work. Crane is a wealthy man and he wants someone to talk to. Meanwhile, Phil and Susan argue because Susan has heard that Michael has been released and she wants to interview him about it. Phil doesn't think that it is a good idea. Franklin calls to see Bill and they chat about how Michael is doing. Michael tells Franklin about the monster. Susan has been watching them and she approaches Michael. She arranges to meet him for a date. He talks to Mr. Crane about the monster and he tells Michael that it is called Sickle. Susan meets Michael and she takes him to the house where the babysitter was killed. Michael is not happy as he realises what Susan was up to. The team are already there and Kim feels bad for Michael.

Susan and the others try and call out the spirit, but Michael leaves. He goes to see Crane and they talk about Sickle. Crane tells him that Sickle took his wife. Crane did research on him and this led him to Ireland where he met a man called Dudley. They talked about Sickle and Crane found out that Sickle travels between worlds and he kills. Dudley dies but not before telling Crane how to kill Sickle. There is a certain point when Sickle takes on human form and this is when he can be killed. Michael has to do it. He doesn't want to, but he really has no choice.Kim and Michael chat and they kiss. Phil meets Sickle and ends up dead. Bill tells him that he will be a suspect in the killing. Michael gets mad. He goes to Crane to get ready for killing Sickle.
Michael contacts Susan and wants her to meet him at the house to tackle Sickle. Kim finds out and she goes there too. Bill arrives there too with Franklin. Sickle shows up and all hell breaks loose. Crane goes crazy after meeting Sickle. Michael reunites with his parents and he is with Kim. The house is going to be demolished.

This was a very enjoyable low budget movie. There is a lot to like about this. It is well written and directed and I honestly liked the story. It is good fun and Sickle is a pretty creepy being. I liked the lead actor Logan Lopez as Michael and I also enjoyed the creepy Mr Crane played by Brent Northup. This is one to watch if you enjoy low budget horror and I do recommend it.Check out the Facebook page for this movie to get an idea of what to expect. I will give it an 8/10.


Tony said...

Its been a while I think since I've seen an 8/10. Will have to check this one out.

Amanda said...

Do check it out if you can. It is well worth a watch!

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