Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 9

Last time, we said goodbye to Beth. This episode begins with the group deciding that they will help Noah get to his family in Virginia. He lived in a walled community and when they arrive they look over the wall to see what the story is. It is not good news. They get inside and realise that the entire place was taken over by walkers and everyone was killed. Noah is devastated. Tyreese tries to comfort him as the others look around for supplies.

Noah runs into his house and finds his family dead. Tyreese chases him inside and gets bitten by Noah's brother. He hallucinates and sees dead people.He wonders about all of the decisions that he made and he thinks about what he did along the way. He hears a news story on the radio about a group of people slaughtering innocent adults and children. He gets bitten again as he tries to fight off another walker. Rick and the others find him and they amputate his bitten arm.They take him off in the van and try to escape, but it is too late. Tyreese dies in the van. They have a funeral for him and they decide to go to Washington next.

A good episode. It is sad to see Tyreese die. He was a good character...


Tony said...

I didn't like Tyreese too much at first but he kind of grew on me and I hated to see him go. I like what they did with his character about forgiveness, he didn't make it seem easy but was going down the right path. Good character and one that will be difficult to replace.

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