Sunday, April 5, 2015

American Horror Story, Season 4, Episode 12 and 13

Last time, Dandy was going round the twist pretty darn fast. Episode 12 begins with Chester becoming the new owner of the freak show. He seems like a decent fellow. Elsa is leaving soon. Stanley gets outed by Maggie and he is chased by the freaks who have murder on their minds...He tells them about Elsa killing Ethel but they don't seem to hear him. Elsa gets her doctor to make Jimmy some prosthetic hands. Dandy visits the twins and he tells them that Chester is not to be trusted. They don't want to hear what Dandy has to say. They are a little suspicious now of him and they decline to be in his magic act. Maggie steps up instead. He puts her into a magic box and proceeds to pretend to saw her in half. Unfortunately for her, it is for real and he kills her whilst hallucinating about his dead wife. The freaks find her body and give her a burial/ Chester attacks his doll for making him kill again. He goes to the police station with her and hands himself in. 

The freaks are after Elsa for the death of Ethel. She has to pay for what she has done. She has been warned by the twins and she gets out of there. She decides to sell the freak show to Dandy and she leaves town.
Dandy finally has what he wanted. He finds what is left of Stanley who is in a cage. He has no arms or legs and his tongue has been cut out. This is a homage to the 1932 movie Freaks in which the character of Cleopatra ends up as a freak as  punishment for the wrongs that she has committed. Jimmy receives his new hands which are the same as his lobster claws. Jimmy is finally happy as he is.

Episode 13 is the final episode of the season. Dandy is pushing everyone around and the freaks are getting sick of it. They all decide to leave. Elsa goes to Hollywood and meets with someone at a network. It looks as if she will make it. Dandy loses the plot and begins to murder the freaks, one by one. He starts with Paul and Penny. He just mows everyone down. Desiree manages to escape by hiding from the monster. Jimmy returns and finds everyone dead. He is devastated. Bette and Dot were not killed and they have married Dandy. They sit with Dandy at their dinner and they tell him that they have a surprise. They drug him and he sees Desiree. He knows that the freaks are going to repay him for what he has done. He ends up at the freak show in a tank which is filling with water. He is slowly drowned as the three remaining freaks look on.

Elsa is famous beyond her wildest dreams. She is not happy though. A copy of her snuff movie makes an appearance and this signals the end of her career. She knows this and she talks to her doctor with whom she had been in love and asks him to run away with her, but he is dying of cancer, so that is not going to happen. She decides to do a Halloween special and she knows that if she does, she will die. It is her way of going out with some class. She summons Mordrake and he takes her. He stabs her and she goes to the afterlife which just happens to be the freak show where all of her friends are. She is finally happy. Desiree sees this. She has a husband and she is happy as are Bette, Dot and Jimmy who are also married and happy.

This series was interesting and enjoyable. The characters were unusual, but that was good. It was another good installment of the show. I wonder what the fifth season will bring. Hearing that Lady Gaga is going to be in it makes me NOT want to watch it, but we will see...


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