Thursday, April 2, 2015

House of Death Movie Review 354

House of Death or Death Screams is a 1982 horror movie directed by David Nelson and starring Susan Kiger, Martin Tucker and William T.Hicks.

The movie begins with two young people having some fun down by the river. As with all of these movies, sex equals death so they meet a grisly demise and are thrown into the river. The local Sheriff Avery(Hicks) is looking for them around town. It is thought that they ran away together. The killer is still on the prowl though. There is a carnival coming to town and the local young people are looking forward to it. Lily(Kiger) meets the local Coach Neil Marshall(Tucker) and they agree to go together. There are other locals going too.
A local guy call Casey is mentally challenged and he is lurking around. He is the Sheriff's son.

Lily is friends with Kathy, Ramona, Bob and others and they decide to meet at the carnival. The killer is around and begins killing. He kills a young girl who was out alone. The Sheriff is concerned when he finds out that Casey has gone missing. Is he the killer? The Sheriff scours the town looking for his son as the killer claims more victims. The group of young people go down to the river to have fun and the killer follows them.
They begin to get killed one by one. The group begins to thin out until there are only a few left. They find an old house and take shelter there. The killer is outside and starts to smash his way in.

SPOILERS- Don't read past this if you don't want to know the ending!!!!

They have to fight off the killer as he enters the house. It is revealed that it was the Coach all along and he has a traumatic childhood and a strange relationship with his mother which made him do what he did! It is a bit of a weak motivation, but it's a movie! He gets cornered by the Sheriff who shoots him. That is the end of it...This movie takes a while to get going. It started off well, then dipped, but then finished well. It was a bit confusing as we thought that the killer was dead already and it was not really revealed what happened to Casey, but we assume that he was killed. Not a bad slasher movie. It is worth a look, but nothing very special. I give it a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Norman Bates Syndrome anyone? This is your typical horror premise but it is an 80s film.This seems like something I would watch for nostalgic purposes. Terrific review!

Amanda said...

Thanks!It was good slasher fun and worth a watch!!

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