Monday, April 27, 2015

The House That Vanished Movie Review 356

The House that Vanished is a 1974  horror movie directed by Joseph Larratz and starring Andrea Allan and 
Karl Lanchbury.

Valerie(Allan) is a model who goes with her dodgy boyfriend Terry(Alex Leppard) to an old house in the fog.
Terry has arranged to rob it. He breaks into the house, leaving Valerie in the car, waiting for him. She gets tired of waiting and goes inside. Terry scours the place for valuables. He finds lots of women's passports. They hear someone coming into the house. It is a man and a woman. They can only see the woman. The man is hidden from them. The woman takes off her clothes and it looks as if they are going to have sex when he kills her. Terry and Valerie are horrified, Val runs from the house, leaving Terry behind. She gets chased by the killers, but he can't find her. She flags down a car and gets a lift back to her flat.She is nervous after her ordeal and she sees Terry's car parked outside her house. He is nowhere to be seen. She finds her pictures in the car where she left them. One has disappeared.

Val goes to see her pals and tells them what happened. They think that Terry will turn up. She tells them that a woman was murdered.She meets an artist called Paul(Lanchbury) who designs masks and they get along.
He tells her that he will give her a mask if she calls over to his place. She gives him her number. He calls her and asks her out. There is a new tenant moving into the house and Val thinks that he is a little strange.
Val and her pals search for the house where the murder occurred. They finds Terry's car at a junkyard. They can't locate the house. Val meets Paul and his aunt, Susannah(Maggie Walker). She makes the masks for Paul. There are some seriously weird things happening between Paul and his aunt. They end up in bed together.

Val's flatmate,Lorna(Judy Matheson) comes home from her holiday and Val fills her in. The new tenant
Mr.  Hornby(Peter Forbes-Robertson) calls into them to introduce himself. He is a bit odd. Paul likes Val but Susannah thinks that it is not a good idea. Valerie tells her friends about him and how she likes him. The killer breaks into Val's flat and kills her roommate, Lorna. Val finds her.She goes to the police and they ask her if someone had keys to the flat. Mr. Hornby wants to help her, but she doesn't want him to.She and Paul decide to go away together. He takes her to house in the woods. It is the same house! How does she not know???Anyway, it seems that Paul is the killer and he has been luring young women to the house and killing them. He likes Val, though and he can't kill her. He kills his aunt instead.  This film was okay. It is nothing special, but it wasn't too bad. The story was a bit thin,but  it kept me interested. It is a cheaply made 70's horror/thriller, but I think that if you enjoy B movies, then you will like this. I will give it a 5/10.


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