Friday, April 10, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 10 and 11

Episode 10 begins with the group having to travel on foot when their van runs out of gas. It is very hot and they are all suffering. They are all thinking about Beth and Tyreese and everyone is miserable as they have very little food or water. Sasha is becoming reckless and she is putting the lives of her fellow survivors at risk when they run into a group of walkers. Michonne tries to get her back on track but Sasha will not listen. Sasha kills some wild dogs and this is their dinner. They discover water bottles in the middle of the road and they are tempted but they can't trust it.

That night, they take shelter from a storm in a barn. They get some water finally. They get overtaken by a group of walkers and they have to barricade themselves inside. The next morning, they are relieved to find that the walkers have been destroyed by the storm and that they are OK. Sasha is talking to Maggie about how she feels when a man approaches them. They are on their guard as he says that his name is Aaron(Ross Marquand) and he asks to speak to Rick, much to their surprise.

Episode 11 starts with the group wondering who this guy Aaron is.Rick is very wary of him and he will not trust him at all. Aaron tells him that is lives in a community where there are other people and power and food and security from the walkers.He left them the water to drink as a good will gesture. Rick is sceptical of this ideal community. He knocks him out and ties him up. They search through his bag and they discover a flare gun so they think that there are more out there. When he wakes up, Aaron tells them that he is with a partner who is waiting for him. He has transport to take them to the community. He tells them that he will take them to them, but Rick wants them to check it out before they do anything. They find a car and an RV so it seems as if Aaron is on the level.

Aaron tells them that he will get them to the camp, but will not tell them the exact location. Rick does it his own way by taking an alternative route. Rick is wrong and they run into a horde of walkers. They fight their way through them and they even manage to save Aaron's partner, Eric(Jordan-Woods Robinson). Aaron tells them the location of the community-Alexandria in Virginia and they all head here. They pull up outside the gates and they hear the sounds of children playing. This makes Rick decide to give it a go and they enter the gates...

Two good episodes with a new story arc beginning. The introduction of Aaron spells another chapter in the story which is good. I look forward to finding out more..


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