Friday, April 24, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 5 ,Episode 12 and 13

Episode 12 begins with the group entering the Alexandria safe zone. They meet the leader Deanna(Tovah Feldshuh) who they talk to  in turns and who records their conversations on camera. Deanna was a congresswoman and she thinks that she can run the place with her husband who is an architect. Rick warns her to be careful of strangers as people can be as dangerous as the walkers. She thinks that she has everything under control. Carol is being wary and she does not tell Deanna that she is an expert with weapons and killing. She pretends to be the mother of the group and she pretends to be sweet and naive.
They are given houses with running water and electricity which is amazing for the group.

They meet some of the others who are living there.Rick meets a woman called Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) who is a hairdresser and who cuts his hair for him.Carl meets some kids his own age and he finds it a bit weird. The survivors realise that the people living here have no idea how bad it is outside the community. They have gotten used to their home comforts and have gone soft. Rick and the others do not want to go soft. Rick goes out to find the gun he stashed but it has gone. He is not happy. Aiden(Daniel Bonjour) is Deanna's son and he is a cocky guy. He takes Tara, Glenn and Noah out for some walker practice, but he is reckless and stupid and ends up fighting with Glenn, who thinks that he is an ass.
Daryl intervenes in their fight and Rick pulls him away.Deanna tells Glenn he was right to take her son down a peg or two and she asks Rick and Michonne to become police constables for the settlement. They accept. Rick is still wary of the place though and he tells Carol and Daryl that if Deanna and the others are too weak, they will take it over.

Episode 13 begins with Sasha acting strangely and going off by herself into the woods. Rick, Carol and Daryl want their weapons back and the only way to get them is to steal them back.They kill a walker and notice a W etched into its forehead. What does it mean? Deanna throws a party to welcome Rick and the others. They are all pretty uncomfortable with it. Rick meets Jessie again and there is a spark between them. Aaron and Daryl have dinner together with Eric as Daryl doesn't want to go to the party. Aaron shows him his garage with tonnes of motorbike parts that he collected. He wants Daryl to help him to build a bike. He also asks Daryl to replace Eric as a recruiter.

Carol goes into the weapons store and steals three guns. She is caught by Jessie's son, Sam and she threatens him. She tells him that if he tells, she will feed him to the walkers.Rick has a walk around the settlement and sees Jessie with her husband. He can hear the walkers outside the wall and he feels strange as he is so used to killing them but now, he doesn't have to. These episodes were entertaining and setting up the new location and characters. I think that Deanna needs a reality check and I think that Alexandria will have to toughen up.


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