Monday, May 18, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 5 Finale!

So, this episode begins with Morgan being captured by two members of a group called The Wolves. They tell him that they go around killing survivors and they have a W on their foreheads. They inform him that they are going to kill him. He manages to escape and he knocks them out and leaves them for the walkers.In Alexandria, Rick wakes up after being knocked out by Michonne in the previous episode. She explains that she did it because she wanted to protect him. Deanna is not sure what to do with him and she is going to ask the members of the community if she should exile him. Maggie tries to talk her out of it, but to  no avail. Maggie goes around town, trying to tell people that Rick is a good person. Rick has a plan to take control of Alexandria should things get out of hand and he has the backing of his friends.

Meanwhile, Abraham and Eugene make amends and apologise to each other for everything that happened.
Tara wakes up and everyone is happy. Sasha is out in the woods lying in a walker grave for some reason.
Aaron and Daryl realise that there are people around in the woods. They look around to see if they can find them. They see a guy in a red poncho and they follow him. They lose him and go looking for some food but get into trouble when they step into a trap and get surrounded by walkers. Just then, Morgan comes along and helps them. They chat and Morgan brings out the map that Rick left for him. Daryl realises who he is.
The Wolves have the survivor in the red poncho. They bring him to their trap and realise that someone has set it off. They kill him and then they find a backpack that Aaron dropped which is not good as it has stuff in it about Alexandria.

Glenn and Nicholas have another fight and Nicholas has to give up when he is defeated. Father Gabriel walks around acting weird and as he is trusted with closing the main gate into Alexandria, he messes up and leaves it open. Alexandria is open to the walkers. The priest has a fight with Sasha and then he breaks down. He feels guilty about abandoning his congregation and he wants forgiveness. Deanna and the townsfolk are having their chat about Rick. He is walking around when he spots walkers in the place. He kills them and he secures the gate. He throws the corpse of a walker in front of the townspeople and tells them that there are so many dangers to come if they do not make sure that they are ready. He will teach them to survive. 

Jessie's husband, Pete, comes along,drunk and with Michonne's katana. He threatens Rick with it. He tells him that he should not be here. Deanna's husband tries to reason with him, but he slits his throat. Deanna is horrified.She orders Rick to kill Pete.Daryl and Aaron have come back in time to see it, along with Morgan. There is a post credit scene of the man in the red poncho who is now a walker. The car in which Daryl and Aaron had been trying to hide while surrounded by walkers has the words ' Wolves not Far' written on it. I am guessing that the Wolves are going to come to Alexandria and there will be a battle..I am looking forward to season 6 already!


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