Thursday, June 11, 2015

Popcorn Movie Review 360

Popcorn is a 1991 horror movie directed by Mark Herrier and Alan Ormsby,  It stars Dee Wallace,Jill Schoelen and Tony Roberts.

The movie begins with a young woman called Maggie(Schoelen) who is having nightmares about a girl called Sarah. The girl is being chased by some madman and he catches her and tries to kill her. She records her dreams on her tape recorder as she might want to make a movie out of it. She lives with her mother, Suzanne(Wallace) and she has been getting weird calls so something is going on. Maggie is in film class at the university and she and her fellow students want to put on a horror movie festival. Professor Davis(Roberts) encourages them. They need the money for the film department. They choose three old movies and one of the students Toby(Tom Villard) knows a guy who owns a film memorabilia store and he will give them some film gimmicks to go with the movies.

They arrive at an old movie theatre called Dreamland that will be demolished soon. They tidy up the place and go through some old stuff that they find. They discover a very weird and psychedelic movie from the '60's called The Possessor. It was made by a film cult leader called Lanyard Gates and he murdered his family live on stage during a showing of his movie and then trapped the audience inside the theatre and set it alight. People died and he was supposed to have perished also. Maggie is interested in Gates and the film as it is very like the dreams that she has been having and she mentions it to her mother who looks uncomfortable about it. She wants Maggie to come away with her and forget all about the festival. Maggie will not do that. Suzanne receives a call from someone and she thinks that it might be Gates. He tells her to go to the Dreamland theatre and she does. She wanders around and then someone jumps out at her.

Maggie and her friends set up the movie night and everything seems to be going well. There is an uninvited guest- is it Gates? Someone is sneaking around murdering Maggie's pals. She wants to find out what is going on. She thinks that Gates might still be alive and he is the one responsible for it all. She has some sort of memory recall and she knows that she is the daughter of Gates and her mother is actually her aunt. She was at the theatre when Gates went mad but her life was saved by her aunt. She and Toby wander around trying to put the power back on when it goes and then Maggie finds herself captured. It is the big reveal....
Toby is the killer. He was also at the theatre the night of Gates' meltdown but he didn't escape so easily. His face was burned so badly that he has to wear a mask. He blames Maggie and her aunt for everything.He wheels out Suzanne who is a full body cast and then he tells them that he is going to reenact Gates' film but this time, it will end as it should. He takes Maggie and puts her into a metal thing so that she can't move and puts her on stage with her aunt in front of the audience who think that this is another part of the festival. Maggie's boyfriend swoops in to save her and kills Toby and Suzanne and Maggie live.

This movie wasn't bad. There are good parts and bad parts. I like the idea of it and I think that it is a pretty
clever slasher movie. Don't get me wrong, it isn't brilliant by any means, but it is watchable and the ending is pretty good. I enjoyed this and it was worth a watch. I will give it a 5/10.


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