Sunday, July 26, 2015

Insidious :Chapter Three Movie Review 364

Insidious:Chapter Three is a 2015 horror movie directed by Leigh Whannell and starring Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott and Lin Shaye.

If you have watched the first two movies in this franchise, then the story won't be surprising to you and you will know something about this. A young girl called Quinn Brenner(Scott) is trying to contact her mother who died of cancer. She visits a woman called Elise Rainier(Shaye) to help her as she can speak to the dead. Now, if you know the previous movies, then Elise will be no stranger to you/ She has retired from her ghost hunting days and she doesn't want to go back there after the death of her husband, Jack who committed suicide. She tells Quinn that she can't help her and warns her not to try and contact the spirit of her mother alone. Of course, that is what Quinn does and then strange things happen to her her. She gets knocked down by a car after she stops to look at some weird figure waving at her. Her dad, Sean(Mulroney) is worried about her and he brings her home to recuperate.

Quinn has two broken legs so she cannot move around on her own. She has to use a wheelchair. She hears weird things and she has nightmarish visions of an old man wearing an oxygen mask. Her dad goes to see Elise and begs her for help. She comes to his aid and enters a place called The Further to find out what is going on but she gets confronted by the Bride in Black and she is afraid. She won't help them anymore.
They call in two guys called Specs(Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson) to help. These two are supposedly ghost hunters, but they are really just amateurs. They get scared when the demon becomes real and they want to run but Elise shows up and tells them that they can work with her to get this demon out of Quinn.

Elise goes to The Further and confronts the Bride in Black and tells her to back off. She searches for Quinn so that she can free her spirit from the demon.The demon has half of Quinn's soul and it is getting more and more. Elise battles with it but she needs help and she gets it from Quinn's mother who vanquishes the demon.Quinn is okay and everything is good. Elise decides to work with Specs and Tucker to get rid of demons on a permanent basis. Elise returns home to find that there is a demon with her. It is the red faced demon from the other movies. This is a prequel, so it all wraps up well.

Now, I was looking forward to this movie, so it was a huge disappointment when I saw that it was PG13. I knew that this was not a good sign. It was completely tame compared to the other two films. I was not impressed with it. I liked a few scenes with the demon, but it was too slow, too silly and it was just not scary.
I loved the first two films and this was not up to that standard at all. What a pity. The teenage girl was irritating and I just didn't care if she got taken by the demon. For that reason, I will give it a 5/10 and that is being kind.


msmariah said...

Wow, it doesn't sound like a good addition to the franchise. I will avoid seeing this one! Nice review. Thanks.

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