Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bloodsuckers Movie Review 368

Bloodsuckers or Incense for the Damned is a 1970 British horror movie directed by Robert Hartford-Davis and starring Patrick Macnee, Patrick Mower and Peter Cushing.

The film revolves around a man called Richard(Mower) who is at Oxford. He goes over to Greece for some research and falls under the spell of a Greek woman called Chriseis. She has taken over his life and he is with her and her weird pals. Richard's friends Seymore, Bob and his girlfriend Penelope go over to Greece to see what has happened to him. They take along military attache Derek Longbow (Macnee). Penelope's father is Dr. Walter Goodrich(Cushing) and he is wondering what has happened to Richard also. The group go to where Richard was last seen and they discover that he is with this woman and her friends. Penelope is upset that Richard is with another woman. The Greek police/military want him out of the country as they want to avoid a scandal.

The gang search for Richard as he moves around with the band of weirdos. They find him in some old monastery. They get him away from Chriseis but she will be back. Richard wakes up but he is very weak.
He is not himself at all. He tells them that they are in danger.He tells them that one of them will die soon.
Penelope goes back home. Derek gets killed after seeing Chriseis. He falls from a cliff after following her.
She goes in to get Richard and fights with the other two men and dies. She has bitten Richard. They all go back home to the UK and try to find out what happened to Richard. Richard seems to recover and be himself again. He still hears Chriseis calling him. Dr. Goodrich wants Richard to marry Penelope but Richard isn't too sure. He doesn't seem to want her anymore.

The finale comes at a dinner in Oxford. Richard is going to give a speech. He gives some weird speech and surprises everyone. He runs off with Penelope and bites her. He runs off when he sees what he has done and Bob chases him. Richard jumps off of the roof to his death. Later we find out that their deaths are pronounced as suicide. Bob and the others have to put a stake through Richard and Penelope confirming that they were vampires. This film was an interesting one that I had never heard of . I enjoyed it. It was good fun and had a good cast. I recommend it for any lover of 1970's British horror. I will give a 5/10.


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