Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lavalantula Movie Review 367

Lavalantula is a 2015 SyFy original monster movie directed by Mike Mendez and starring Steve Guttenberg,Nia Peeples,Michael Winslow and Marion Ramsey.

So, the story begins in Los Angeles and with faded movie star Colton West(Guttenberg) .He is on the set of a movie but he falls out with the director played by Leigh Whannell.He is on his way home when there is some tremors which he thinks are from an earthquake.What he doesn't know is that the tremors are from volcanoes which are erupting and spewing out hot lava but in the lava are giant mutated spiders who breathe fire and kill everything in their path.Colt wants to get hone to his wife,Olivia (Peeples) and his son Wyatt(Noah Hunt). Wyatt is trapped in a warehouse with his two pals, one of who has been bitten by the spiders and another who was burned on the arm. They are trying to survive. Colt hijacks a sightseeing tour bus full of fans. He tells them what is happening, but they think that it just a movie stunt or something.

Leslie Easterbrook from the Police Academy movies makes a cameo as does Michael Winslow and Marion Ramsey as pals of Colt's from the movie set. There is a great scene where Guttenberg meets Ian Ziering and he asks him for help, but Ziering tells him that he has a shark problem. This is an obvious nod to Ziering's Sharknado movies which are great fun. Cole meets some weird and wacky characters as he tries to get to his family and they battle their way through the giant spiders. They meet a scientist who tells them that there is an underground network of lava tubes just like an insect nest and at the heart of it is the queen spider. She  has to be destroyed to stop the breeding of any more spiders. Colt and his pals have to smoke her out with nitrogen thrown into the tubes and they do smoke her out.

I am not a lover of spiders at all. In fact, I detest them. The queen spider is MASSIVE and it gave me the creeps even though you can see that it isn't real. Colt steps up and faces the queen and manages to throw a bomb into her mouth and blow her up.End of movie. This was really great fun. I really enjoyed it and it is great to see Guttenberg on screen again. I was a fan of him in the 1980's and he does a really good job hamming it up here. It is just a fun movie and you can relax and have a laugh and just enjoy the ride. I would recommend it. It is just pure B movie fun.These movies can come in for some harsh criticism and I say that I have seen some pretty crappy movies in my time and this isn't one of them. I will give it a 7/10 because I really liked it. Bring on the sequel!!!!


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