Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 Movie Review 370

The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 is a 1985 sequel to the original and it is written and directed by Wes Craven. It stars Michael Berryman, Kevin Spirtas and John Bloom.

The movie begins with Bobby who was a survivor from the first movie. He is talking to his psychiatrist about what happened to him and he is still haunted by it. He owns a biker team with the other survivor, Ruby and they have invented a new fuel for bikes which they are going to race in the desert. Of course, the desert is the same desert where Bobby and his family were attacked!! Why would you go there???Bobby refuses to go so Ruby and the biker team go. Leading the team is Roy(Spirtas) and his blind girlfriend Cass(Tamara Stafford). They all set off on the bus into the desert and in some crazy move, they take a shortcut and end up right where the cannibals live. Ruby is very nervous. They bring the dog from the first movie, Beast.

Now, their bus breaks down and they are stranded. There is an old mine nearby and they explore it. Ruby runs into Pluto(Berryman), who survived the mauling that he got from Beast in the first film. How he did is a mystery! They fight but he escapes. Ruby knows that they are in danger. It turns out that Pluto is with another cannibal called The Reaper(Bloom) and they are after the group now. People begin to get killed as the cannibals stalk them. Pluto meets Beast once again and this time, Beast pushes him off a cliff and he dies. The Reaper is after the others as they begin to dwindle. Cass is left alone as she climbs down into the mineshaft where the Reaper lives..She realises that the dead bodies of her pals are there and she throws acid at his face and runs. Roy appears and he helps her to escape. They set a trap for the Reaper and they kill him. Roy, Cass and Beast survive and walk away together.

I really like this movie.It is not as good as the original obviously but I do think that it is entertaining and fun. I have always enjoyed it and I am surprised that it has gotten such a negative reaction. I have watched much worse movies than this and I count this as a good sequel to the original movie, even though it does have some flaws. It is well worth a watch if you haven't seen it and give it a chance- it is a decent film. Anyway, I am giving this movie a 7/10 because I really like it.


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