Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

It is that time of year again when we celebrate all things spooky. We here at Jigsaw's Lair tend to celebrate spooky things all year long so this is just another day to us! Halloween is just an excuse to get out the DVD's and choose the best ones for the occasion. I have probably told you all of my Halloween favourites before, but I am going  to choose a few movies for Halloween that you might enjoy. Maybe I will choose some offbeat ones instead of the usual Halloween ones.

Of course, Halloween(1978) is a must. Enough said. After that I think that The Evil Dead would be a good choice. The Legend of Hell House is good for a creepy haunted house film.Suspiria(1977) will scare the pants off you(if you are wearing any!).Let me see....How about Scream(1996), Prom Night(1980), Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974), Poltergeist(1982),The Shining(1980)?So many great films and only one night to enjoy them all..

For some lesser known movies- Motel Hell is a fun one. Eaten Alive is another. Oh, there are so many choices....If you want traditional  Halloween fare then of course choose any movie with Michael Myers in it!
Maybe Trick r Treat or The Amityville Horror(1979) or Creepshow. I think that you should find something there that you like. At the end of the day, it is fun to watch any movie on Halloween whether it be a slasher or a ghost movie. Just sit back and enjoy being scared for a while! I know I will....Have a very Happy Halloween and enjoy it, whatever you are doing!


Ahsan Jilani said...

"Happy Halloween!"
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Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween guys. Keep up the great blog.

Amanda said...

Thanks for reading!

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