Saturday, November 28, 2015

Scary Tales:Last Stop Movie Review 375

Scary Tales:Last Stop is a 2015 horror movie anthology written and directed by Geno McGahee and starring Logan Lopez, Leeann Aubuchon, Chris Geoffrion,Xoe Rose and Julian Lowenthal. It is a sequel to Scary Tales which I have reviewed here. Be warned that there are spoilers below!!!!

The movie begins with a guy at a train station complaining because the train is delayed. There are other people waiting too. It turns out that people died on the train and that is why there is a delay. The group of people are thrown together and they begin to talk. There is Mike(Lowenthal), Janice(Aubuchon), Lacy(Rose),Jason(Lopez)and Douglas(Geoffrion). Douglas is annoyed because he needs to get a train. He has recently been sacked after 25 years in his company. He needs to get to an interview for a new job. Janice is a teacher and she is a positive person. Lacey is a teen and she s a drifter. Douglas isn't impressed with her. He thinks that she is a loser. She tells them that she is going to New York. She's had a rough time of it.

Janice is going on a blind date. She has had bad luck with guys in the past. The station worker(Ray Surprenant) tells them that they are stuck there for the night.Janice begins the storytelling. She had a nightmare, she tells them. She was at her apartment and on a dating website. She meets someone nice and he is called Bob( Pete Baez). He tells her that his mother had dementia and that he hasn't had a date in years. He invites her over to his place and they chat. He gets a phone call and he has to go out. He leaves her alone in his apartment. She looks around his place. She discovers that he has been chatting to loads of women. She confronts him when he comes back and he tells her that she is his favourite. Bob tells her that weird things happen in his house and she falls asleep on his couch. She wakes up during the night and thinks that she sees something weird. It's the mother and she isn't happy. She kills Bob and then Janice kills the mother.The nightmare ends with Bob calling over to her house dressed as his mother, ready to kill.

Douglas thinks that it is crap. Lacey begins with her nightmare. It is about her begging on the street outside a store. The owner tells her to move off. She is in a coffee shop when she meets a mysterious young  man called Jason (Logan Lopez). He tells her that he thinks that she is meant for more in life. He has some connection to another world and he knows things about her. He tells her that he is part of a community and that she should come and see what it's about. She goes to a meeting. It looks a bit like a cult. Jason tells her that it is a new world order and he wants her to join. She isn't sure but she gets convinced to join. She meets the other members who are women. They have the shop owner who dissed her earlier and they have knives. Jason tells her that the guy is a paedophile and then Lacey kills him. Afterwards, she is unsure about what happened. She decides that it is not for her and she wants out. She goes to a priest and tells him what she has done. Jason is there and he wants her to pay for her sins. The story ends with her thinking that she saw Jason at the train station.

Next up is Mike who is a writer and he dreams of his mother and father. They have tickets to go to a concert and they need Mike to look after his dad's boss' cabin while he is away. The boss' daughter will be there and Mike just needs to look out for her. The boss is worried about his ex-wife showing up and causing trouble. Mike meets the boss, Nate(Ed Reed III) and Nate tells him that the ex-wife might try and get to the daughter, Crystal(Avery Nodland). He shows Mike a video of Bigfoot that he has and warns him that he might show up too!! Mike goes to cabin and meets he daughter. Lot of things happen and Bigfoot does show up and kill the ex-wife. Mike and Crystal try and take it on. He gets knocked out and wakes up to see his parents and Nate. Nate was dressed as Bigfoot. Crystal is dead and his parents want him dead.

The station guy tells them that he is arranging a hotel for them.Douglas comes forward with his nightmare. He dreams about an interview that he is having . He gets on well with the boss but is told that he is too old for the job. The guy tells him that there is an opportunity for him to make some money in a different way. He jumps at the chance and he arrives at a building and meets a guy called Lance(Jacob Moon). They have to enter information into a computer. Douglas thinks that the information is about serial killers. Doug and Lance chat about life . Doug decides that he needs a break to get something to eat. The guard outside stops him from leaving. There are no breaks at the job. Douglas gets pissed . There is a killer on the loose in the building and he kills the guard. Their cell phones won't work and they try to get to the roof for help. Lance gets killed and Doug is confronted by killers. The boss turns up and tells him that he is disgusting. He was given a chance to be good, but he failed. Douglas has a change of heart and he apologises to the station manager for being so rude. They all go to meet the van provided by the station. Jason shows up. He is taking them away for their sins. Janice slept with her students, Mike is a rapist, Lacey stole from her grandma and Doug is a hater. The Devil has come to take them...

This was an entertaining movie. I like the anthology style of the movie and there are some good scenes in this. If you enjoy horror stories, then this will be for you. It is good fun and I would recommend it. I liked the characters and the nasty Doug was entertaining. Check out the Facebook page here. This is well worth a watch and I will give it an 8/10.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 4

This episode begins with a flashback to Morgan before he arrived in Alexandria. He is living in his house and he is going a bit mad. Cut to Morgan killing walkers and burning them.He sets up booby traps to catch the walkers. He has his staff and he hears a voice talking to him.  He gets hit over the head by some strange guy who imprisons him in a cage. Morgan wants him to kill him but the guy won't. He throws in a book and tells him that his name is Eastman(John Carroll Lynch). They talk about life etc. He watches him practice with his staff. Eastman tells him that he is a psychiatrist. Morgan tells him that he kills to survive.

Morgan tries to escape from the prison. He talks to Eastman about the things he has done. Eastman tells him that he has PTSD and that he doesn't need to kill. Eastman tells him that he can stay or go.
Morgan goes out and attacks him. Eastman fights back and Morgan has to give up. Morgan goes back into the cell. They chat . Morgan reads the book about peace. Morgan helps Eastman bury the dead walkers. Eastman hands him a staff. They both start to get along living together.

Eastman teaches him how to fight with the staff. A walker comes along and Morgan freezes. Eastman saves him and gets bitten. Morgan is furious with him. Eastman tells him that he can stay in the house as long as he wants but he will be alone. Eastman is ready to die. Morgan heads off after burying Eastman. He finds the sign for Terminus and heads off. Morgan is telling his story to the killer who tells him that he wanted to find medicine to help the bite that he has. He tells Morgan that if he doesn't die, he will kill him and everyone in Alexandria. Morgan locks him into a house and leaves him there.

This episode was somewhat unusual in that it is about just one character and none of the main cast are in it. It was not a brilliant episode but  I suppose it is showing us why Morgan is like he is...

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 3

Last episode, everything was turned upside down. This episode begins with Rick and the others on the outside. They hear the noise coming from Alexandria. Rick goes off to deal with the walkers and tells the others to get back to Alexandria. Glenn and Michonne are trying to lead the group but they are useless at fighting. One of them gets bitten. Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are still trying to lead the group of walkers away.Glenn and co. end up in a town ahead of the herd of walkers. Nicholas knows the area so he leads the way.They duck into a pet shop for cover from the walkers. They need to get out of town without getting overrun by the walkers. Glenn has a plan to set a fire to stop the walkers. He radios Rick and tells him what's happening.

Michonne talks to Heath about what Rick said about leaving them behind if they can't keep up. She tells him that they have to stick together if they want to make it. They look out and see lots of walkers outside and they decide to make a run for it, but the herd catches up with them and there are loads of walkers outside. Michonne and the others try to escape. One of them gets eaten. They get boxed in.
Glenn and Nicholas are surrounded too. Michonne almost gets caught but another in the group sacrifices himself as he was already bitten.

Nicholas and Glenn are in an awful situation and it looks very bleak for them as they are surrounded by walkers.Nicholas breaks down and Glenn tries to bring him around. He shoots himself in the head. Glenn falls into the herd and gets eaten. I didn't see that coming! Poor Glenn. I am surprised that they killed off a lead character. Rick has a Winnebago and Daryl is heading to help him. Rick is attacked by men. He shoots them. There are more of them. He shoots at them too. Michonne and the others come back to Alexandria and see what has happened. Daryl goes back to Sasha and Abraham and leads the walkers away. Rick is stuck as his Winnebago won't start.Walkers spill out from the bushes and surround the van.

This was a surprising episode. I didn't expect Glenn to get killed off(if he is dead) and things look really bad for Rick, I hope that he doesn't get killed too. We shall see...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cheerleader Camp Movie Review 374

Cheerleader Camp a.k.a. Bloody Pom Poms is a 1988 horror movie directed by John Quinn and starring Betsy Russell, Leif Garrett and Lucinda Dickey.

A group of cheerleaders and their pals are going to Camp Hurrah to enter a competition. The head cheerleader is Alison(Russell) and she is having nightmares about people dying at the camp. Her friends are Pamela(Teri Weigel),Bonnie(Lorie Griffin),Theresa(Rebecca Ferratti), her boyfriend Brent(Garrett) and his friend Tim(Travis McKenna) who has a video camera. Along for the ride is the team mascot Cory(Dickey). They arrive and see all of the other teams there and meet the acidic Miss Tipton(Vickie Benson). She is the camp leader and then there is the camp handyman, Pop(George 'Buck' Flower). He is a little odd.

So, the action begins when Alison finds one the cheerleaders dead in her bed with slashed wrists. She is unnerved by this as it is eerily similar to a nightmare that she had. She finds the dead girl in the freezer and she calls the cops. Miss Tipton tells the Sheriff that they did not report the death as it would ruin the competition. She was waiting for the weekend to be over before she reported it. Alison's boyfriend has an eye for the ladies, especially her friend Pam and he tries it on with her. When she won't oblige, he leaves her alone in the woods. She gets killed. The others wonder where she is. Alison has a dream in which SHE kills Pam. What is real and what is imagined?

People begin to drop like flies and Alison wonders if her dreams are reality. Is she the killer. She confides in Cory and tells her friend of her worries.Cory thinks that Brent might be the killer. They then think that it might be Pop but this turns out not to be the case. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Alison is convinced by Cory to shoot Brent as he is the killer, but Alison realises too late that he is not. The cops come and think that she killed everyone, but it was Cory. Cory frames Alison and tells the cops that it was Alison who murdered them. Alison is taken away, protesting her innocence as Cory dresses up in a cheerleading outfit and cheers.

I enjoyed this movie. It was good fun . I knew that it was Cory from the start. It was pretty easy to see but it didn't matter really as it was entertaining. This is a by the numbers slasher movie and I would recommend it as I liked it. I will give it a 6/10.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 6 ,Episode 2

This episode begins with a young girl wandering around. She traces the letters JSS on the ground.
She puts the letters on everything that she passes.She arrives outside Alexandria and the doors open for her and she enters.Jessie talks to her son Ron about what happened to his dad. He thinks that Rick is dangerous.Maggie talks to Deana and they decide to start to grow their own vegetables. Denise is a psychiatrist and she is going to be the next doctor. Father Gabriel talks to Carl about what happened. He is sorry about it all.

Suddenly, there are attacks everywhere. People are being killed. Jessie and her son hide in the closet. Carl is with Enid and they are protecting Judith. Carol kills one of them. The town is being destroyed. Morgan fights with the men who are killing. Carol helps him out. Deanna doesn't want to fight. She doesn't know how to. Carl saves Ron's life from the killers. He tells him to stay with him for his own protection but Ron won't. Jessie comes out from the closet and gets attacked. She kills her attacker. Carol tries to get to the armoury before the killers do. She gets some guns and hands them out. Morgan and Gabriel don't want them.

Carol kills loads of the murderers. Morgan doesn't like how easily she does it. He gets surrounded by them and he fights them off. Morgan tells them to go away and don't come back. They run off. Eric finds pictures of Alexandria in a backpack belonging to one of the killers. Everyone comes out afterwards and look at all of the damage. Carl finds a note from Enid saying survive. Morgan finds another of the killers in a house and he manages to kill him. Carol and Morgan walk off into the distance.

This was a good episode. There was a slow start, but then, everything heated up and there was loads of action. People were dropping like flies and the killers seemingly had no motive for the attack. Rick, Michonne and Daryl didn't appear at all in this episode and neither did Glenn or Abraham.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The House in Marsh Road Movie Review 373

The House in Marsh Road is a 1960 British horror movie directed by Montgomery Tully and starring Tony Wright, Patricia Dainton and Sandra Dorne.

David Linton(Wright) and his wife Jean(Dainton) are living hand to mouth and they are both sick of it. They have no home and money is very tight. Jean wants something better, She is left money and a house when an aunt of hers dies. She is delighted as now she and David have somewhere to call home. The house has a reputation as it is reputed to be haunted. David and Jean move into it. Jean loves it straight away but David thinks that they should sell it. He gets talking to a local man in the pub and he gets an offer for the house.
David tells Jean about it, but she refuses and this causes tension between them.

David wants to write a novel and he needs a typist. He hears about this local woman called Valerie(Dorne). She is an attractive woman and when David meets her, he falls for her immediately. They get on well.
He is annoyed with Jean as she will not let him sell the house and she holds all of the money. He begins an affair with Valerie. Soon, he begins to think that his life would be better without his wife and he comes up with a plan to kill her off. He can have the house and then he and Valerie can have a life together. He tries to kill her once, but it backfires on him. It seems as though the house does not like him and when he tries to push Jean down a lift shaft, it will not allow him to. He then finds sleeping pills that Jean had and he decides to kill her by putting them into her milk.

He gives her the milk, but every time that Jean takes a drink, an awful noise starts and she cannot stand it. She realises that the house is warning her and she realises that he has put something into her drink. His attempt fails and the next day, Jean leaves the house as she has to go somewhere. David brings Valerie into the house and they end up in bed together. The house is angry and they find that they are trapped as the house burns itself down. They die in the blaze and Jean comes back just in time to see the house ablaze.
The house has punished the guilty and Jean is free to live her life in peace.

I liked this film. It was interesting. The scares are very tame compared to movies these days, but I did enjoy it and you do find that David and Valerie deserve the horrible death that they receive. It is a rare movie, but if you can find it, have a look. It was good fun. I will give it a 6/10.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Murder at 3 AM Movie Review 372

Murder at 3 AM is a 1953 British thriller directed by Francis Searle and starring Dennis Price,Peggy Evans and Philip Saville.

Inspector Peter Lawton(Price) meets his sister Joan(Evans) and she tells him that she has a new boyfriend.
His name is Teddy(Saville) and when he meets Peter, they discuss a spate of murders t hat have been happening in London. The killer is a man who targets women who are alone at night. He waits for them after they come out of nightclubs and then stabs them at 3 AM. Teddy suggests to Peter that the killer could be planning his murders using the names of the nightclubs to spell out something. Peter is intrigued and the police wait outside nightclubs, but they do not find the killer. Peter wonders if maybe Teddy might be the killer after a while.

The police set up a trap for the killer and they have Joan dress up and go into a nightclub. They are waiting nearby to see if anyone follows her. Joan gets into a taxi and she is driven off. The police realise that the taxi has been stolen and they figure out that this must be the killer. They follow Joan to her house where the killer is just about to kill her. She sees that it is Teddy and she pleads with him. He almost kills her, but the police arrive. He escapes them. Joan tells them that it was Teddy. The cops are sure that they have their man, but it turns out that Teddy has a half brother who looks exactly like him and it is him who has been killing women.
His name is Jim and he tells Teddy to take the blame for the killings while he escapes.

Teddy and Jim face off as Teddy refuses to go down for his killings. The police catch Teddy and think that they have their man, but Joan tells them that it can't be Teddy as she scratched the face of the killer and Teddy's face is clear. Jim steps out with a gun and threatens them to let him escape of he will shoot. Teddy and Jim struggle and Jim ends up falling out of a window into the river. He is presumed dead. Teddy and Joan are happy and Peter is happy that his sister is not dating a killer and the case has been solved. This was an entertaining, if a little simple, tale. It had good performances and there was nothing wrong with it. It is a good thriller from the 1950's and I had never heard of it before. If you can manage to get hold of it, it is worth a watch. I will give it 6/10.
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